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Me? A runner?

Have really taken to this running . Now just about to go for my day 3 week 6 run 25 minutes . Again is physical (as opposed to mental) I can not avoid that hill I have been avoiding.OK it is Suffolk so only a smallish hill.

As well as the proud possessor of a new jacket bought those running lycra legging tight things and don't feel too self conscious and got a (cut price ) 12 month subscription to a running magazine and wish I had the fitness to do two days together (as working M_F 9- 530 not always have the time on alternate days )

..Yes I AM a runner :)

Not lost ANY weight though :(

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Well done. Weight loss will come as you increase your distance as long as you don't reward yourself ;-)


Well I DID it 25 minutes and a short hill. Although Laura tells me I am a runner and as you see above I thought I was I get the feeling people who see how tediously slow I am think I am pretending to be one. I want to shout " yes I am slow (honestly some pensioners would be faster and they are walking !) but I have done 20 mins 21 mins 22 etc of running".


runners come in all shapes and sizes and the fact you are out there runnings says YUP you are a runner no matter what speed :D and you have hills in suffolk so do we in cambs :D


Don't worry about the weight - enjoy running and that feeling of being fitter - better fit and chubby than slim and sick !


You are a runner! Your body shape will change as you tone up so be patient. Really well done in getting this far.


Oh well done! Bet that feels lovely :)


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