Finally.... but an anticlimax!

I normally run in the morning as soon as the kids are packed off to school and my energy levels are still high, but with the half term in full swing its difficult to say the least. This morning children had other plans for me, time disappeared and I thought todays run wouldn't be possible, but as luck had it I managed my run at 3.30pm. Yippee... it felt great to be in that "zone", I was really enjoying it. Then half way through it began to be tough going and my legs felt like lead, I felt exhausted. I pushed myself through it, but the good feeling had been replaced by one of how unfair life can be at times! Its not new, me feeling like this in the afternoon when I run, but I can't work out why? I felt great to start with, no different to how I feel in the morning and I wondered if any of you wise people out there could throw some light on the subject?


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12 Replies

  • Just like morning people and night people, there are morning runners and evening runners :)

    Getting up early is something I really dislike - but running anytime after the morning I hate even more :) I never get the same joyous feeling out of it. I always feel like I HAVE to run and get it over with because it feels like it is 'Late' even if I have nothing else to do that day :)

    But - a run is a run is a run and today you ran :)

    It's a win ;)

  • Thanks for your reply, i think you just about summed it up perfectly - at least I ran :) I've never really thought of myself as a morning person, but I have to run in the mornings how weird is that!

  • Totally agree - it takes a while to learn what what works for you as a runner. I prefer running late evening and once ran in the morning and it felt completely wrong, exactly as you described. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason as to why a run is good or bad and other times you can work out whether it is related to time of day, how much you have or haven't eaten, etc. It can also be good to mix it up a bit though so that you're not too reliant upon a particular set of circumstances in order to run. :)

  • Thanks melly4012 from now on I will feel wary of running any other time than in the morning. It could be something to do with food as I normally run after a light snack and eat well afterwards, though i hadn't eaten for about three hours, anyway at least I ran - I'll stick with the positive :)

  • Yup, I don't like morning running. Afternoon or preferably evening for me every time - which is just as well since that's what fits with my schedule nowadays.

  • Thanks for your reply, gosh I don't know what I'd do if I had to run in the evening!

  • I do like evenings - the run relaxes me and clears my mind so I'm ready to sleep. And I'm really looking forward to seeing sunsets while I run, at least a few times. :) Then it'll actually be light in the evenings too, and that'll be nice!

  • I can understand how relaxing it must be to have n evening run and run off all the stresses of the day :) Did you see the article that Oldfloss shared below?, its fun to read, but somehow I can post the link here.

  • Definitely a morning person here, and I really don't like running in the evenings !

  • I don't know if I'm a morning person as I like my duvet, but have to get up to get kids up for school, but I just love running in the morning. I guess I'm a bit mixeed up lol :)

  • Mornings are brilliant... :) But that's just me..I found this link.. fun reading :)

    You ran.. and as Irish-John says.. that is all that matters :)

  • Hi Oldfloss, thanks for sharing the article, an interesting read and fun too! :)

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