Caps needed! I am so excited/proud and am absolutely BUZZING after my work out!

I actually had a good run - I've been struggling lately but one of my mates is a runner and I told her about struggling with breathing and feeling shattered..she just told me she does two breaths in through her nose and then a big breath out (now I could never breath in through my nose it felt like I could never get enough air in)...but I did it today and! It is gold dust! I could go faster and MAINTAIN it and I didn't feel like I was dying I finished fairly comfortably! The run before that I accidentally did 31 minutes (I died but yay).

This is is probably so long but I am SO SO HAPPY!!

Just had my post work out snack rice cake with organic no chemical, 100% peanut butter ;) v.posh! Now I'm off to shower and go out like a log to bed! :)

I am so thankful for this forum YOU are amazing people thankyou for all the support and backing me up when I felt like I couldn't do it I am now a GRADUATE RUNNER and working towards an hour run! :)

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  • Fantastic! Brilliant job. You should be very proud as it's a great achievement.

    What do you mean you "accidentally did 31 minutes"!!! Way to go.

    I haven't heard about the breathing technique but will definitely try it. Thank you for the tip.

    Sweet dreams and no running in your sleep!

  • Thank you :)

    I run on the treadmill in the gym, they have all these new ones and am just working them out atm, along with being completly shattered during that run and just wishing it to end haha! But yes really do try the breathing I actually can't believe it my run today felt amazing and 'natural' :) x

  • Congratulations! Feels amazing doesn't it?

  • Wow! Well done you. Enjoy your post grad running x

  • Fantastic, well done. Keep it up :-)

  • Oooh, I graduated last night too! Well done - feels great doesn't it? I've also done most of my runs on the treadmill as I didn't want to run by myself in the dark but can't wait to get out in the sunshine - if we ever see any!! I, too, will try the breathing technique, although I don't struggle with the breathing side of it generally, but every tip helps!

    Happy running for the future! :)

  • Congratulations! It does feel great :) I did up until 5 outside at home but I moved up to Scotland so it's been the tredmill from then on! But I'll be running by the beach when it gets a tad warmer and lighter in the evenings:) you too! X

  • I live at the opposite end of the country - right on the south coast and am also looking forward to running by the beach. I've also got the New Forest on my doorstep so will be spoilt for choice.You have some lovely scenery up in your part of the country, too! Only been on one trip to Scotland but thought it was beautiful!

  • Oh nice!! My home is south west of England :) but I love Scotland so much. New forest sounds like it would be such a nice place to run, it's on my list of places to visit! Haha

  • well done you 10k next then good luck and run happy

  • Brilliant :) well done you. Such a great achievement.

  • Love 'hearing' the excitement in your post. You have done really well and are well entitled to be proud of yourself. I am sitting here trying the two breaths in and one out technique - not sure if i have got it right but am going to try it out next outing! Keep going and hold on to that buzz :)

  • Two in through the nose one deep out of the mouth :) it did feel strange when I was doing it until I got the hang of it and it sounds odd aswell haha! But as long as it works for me and i'm getting enough air I don't care! Haha. I hope it works for you if you have trouble breathing too :) x

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