Not a runner... Will I ever be?

I have been reading the blog posts over the last few months and they have been so helpful in keeping me going - I am 47, overweight and find that the couch (and bed as I run in the morning) are hard to leave sometimes. This is my second attempt at c25k, got as far as week 4 the first time then went on holiday and stopped. Now I am on week 6 and feel I have hit a wall. I just tried wk6r3 and had to stop to walk in the middle. I am undecided as to whether I just keep doing r2 (which was hard going but doable) until that is easy then move on or try r3 at a slower pace (although it may be hard to go much slower thsn I am already!) I am conscious that from now on its long runs and find the idea completely daunting. Cannot ever imagine being a 'runner'...


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5 Replies

  • You are exactly the same as me. I am struggling with wk6 also. Run1 was a slog. run2 I did but could not do run3. I went back to run2 and couldn't even do that. It must be something about wk6 as a lot of the blogs say the same thing. A lot of people say it is a mental thing. I am 59 so keep at it, we have come too far to stop now and also run3 is when Laura says you are a runner so KEEP GOING WE CAN GET THROUGH THIS. Good running.

  • Please don't give up. I feel like that before, during and after every run but incredibly have got to week 9. With only 2 runs to go, I still hate it but love the sense of achievement when it's done even though I'm nowhere near 5k. Just keep going at your own pace, do your best to get round each time - you'll be so chuffed when you get to graduate.

  • Do you think you might be pushing yourself to go faster than you need? I've been told by graduate bloggers on here so often that "slow and steady" is the way to get the badge. I'm on week 9 of my slow running, I'm 66. Just over weeks ago I was in hospital for 5 days with a massive nose bleed and didn't run again till yesterday. I ran 30mins but as I said in my blog "slower than my 98 year old mother walks with her wheelie. Neverthe less someone said "You've done 30 minutes so it counts". I'm not counting it though because I only did it as a getting back into running practice and on Saturday am going to do intervals hopefully 3 of 10 minutes with 3 minute walks between and see how I do. Good luck with your WILL get there...Laura will see to that!

  • Thanks for your comments. I will keep going, and it probably will involve some extreme 'slow running' action. Going to give r2 another spin tomorrow, see how it goes.

  • If you feel more comfortable repeating any of the runs before going on again then there's nothing wrong with that. You will get there though. All the best.

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