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I was rather apprehensive about my first post-graduation/post Park Run run so I thought I'd call on Laura's assistance and use the Stepping Stones podcast. First, the good news: I did get out and run. But... (weasily avoiding the f*** word) it was less than 100% successful. I have all the natural rhythm of a catholic with 15 kids to start with and then it seems that Laura's idea of a quick pace is slower than my natural pace, the end result was me trying to slow my pace, failing, and instead running 5/4 time (or something, don't ask me!) thus running the 3rd km in 5:31 which (no surprise) I couldn't maintain. The 4th km was back to my usual time but I was struggling and didn't get to the end of the last 5 minutes or finish the 5th km. Oh well, I was out of breath, sweating and my legs have had a good workout. I'll give the Speed podcast a try but I suspect I'll go back to listening to my own music as I didn't get on with the C25K podcasts either (I used the NHS app).


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  • Hey Now-Runner - I tried 'Stepping Stone' yesterday. I've done these before after a previous graduation or was it in an other life. 'Stepping Stone' is is a bit weird as my tempo/cadence does seem to be faster than Laura's here meaning that like you I seem to be running slower steps - then I seem to get out of phase then I have to throw in an extra step with a kind of weird jump. All quite stressful. I think you need an orchestra conductor to be running alongside waving his baton in time. I found 'Stamina' a bit frustrating too but really liked 'Speed' because Laura keeps up with pacing you throughout. Then again 'Speed' is only 16 minutes long so I always felt I was cheating when I ran it and so continued with another 15 minutes jog a the end. :)

  • Good to see a familiar face here 😎😎😎

  • Good to be back after my break - you have done soooo well. :)

  • I am intrigued! I think I will give Stepping Stones a go now that I know I can go the distance. I've had those and the Speed podcasts downloaded since I graduated 2 years ago but never got the chance to use them after Achilles tendonitis led to me quitting running for a good 18 months.

  • I tried the stepping stones podcasts too and they weren't right for me either. You could try to consolidate those 30 minute runs with your own music for a few weeks and then decide where to go from there.

  • Well done for trying and at least these apps have better music at least. But I know what you mean, I like downloading Pete Tongs Friday night and I have my Garmin programmed for intervals 😎

  • Well done on graduating and I guess it is keeping it up. I'm still a couple of weeks off yet and hope to achieve but I'm already thinking 'what next? whic has totally surprised me! I do feel I need the structure of the podcasts at least on the offset but I guess just endurance, speed, distance and even style (!) are all things to consider and are building blocks of the 9 weeks foundation you have worked so hard on.

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