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Wk9/R1 Slow and steady and ran over 30 mins


I settled in to the run very quickly. Breathing and legs felt good and no little gremlins nagging negative comments. I am concentrating on my running posture now and this feels much better. I ran for about 32 minutes because hubby hadn't finished Laura's podcast. I started running sooner than him with run keeper - I think Laura's 5 minute warm up must be longer. Can't believe we've come this far!!! Happy running to everyone out there. Keep going - never give up

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Well done both of you, graduation just around the corner. Good that you are now taking notice of things like posture etc. When I started analyzing my running technique i.e. arms/shoulders/legs/foot strike it was then that I really felt I was a runner. The thing that highlighted technique to me too was watching all the different runners at Parkrun one Saturday. I was doing a duty and standing on the top path watching them pass by on the lower level, its truly amazing to watch how other people run. It just goes to show too that we are all different and eventually find a form that suits us best. Good luck for your graduation.

MazzeroGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

Thank you old girl. I'm addicted to all things running. I welcome your advice very much because I'm an old girl too and I want to run safely and avoid injury. I am not covering anywhere near 5 k in 30 mins and don't know that I ever will but I could go further by running for longer I would do this gradually though

Congratulations Mazzero! Really good achievement - hope I can follow in your footsteps.

MazzeroGraduate in reply to sarahb_20

Thanks Sarah. You will do it too and I'll be rooting for you every step of the way

Hi Mazz...jolly well done !!! Glad to hear my little demon/gremlin of yesterday didn't pay you a visit on today's run !

You are in spitting distance of the Big G now....you will do it,but Good Luck anyway :)

MazzeroGraduate in reply to Carolecal

Ha Ha. My wk 7 nightmare and those demons. Just what is that all about??? I used to feel like a woman possessed but hopefully I've been exorcised now. It gets a lot easier after wk 7. I'm rooting for you x


That's great Mazzero, only two more to go!!

MazzeroGraduate in reply to Scipio

Thanks Scipio you're just behind me Good luck


Well done! 1 down 2 to go!!!!!!! I'm eagerly anticipating my 1st run of week nine tomorrow. Hope it's as positive as yours was!

MazzeroGraduate in reply to Feefbev

Thanks Feefbev. I'm sure you'll do we'll tomorrow because you now know that you can do it. Good luck !!!

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