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Has anyone run with a 'dead leg' feeling?

Went out this morning, 1st run since my last Parkrun 12 days ago - have been really busy with work and home since then. At the start my right leg hurt but it went off after a few minutes. At 2.4k the pain came back, in my groin, top of the quads, then spread down the leg. Soon it felt like I was running with a dead leg, so I stopped just short of 4k. Disappointing. Has anyone had a similar experience?

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I got tightness in my groin after a long run so I stretched. I did that move that footballers do on the touch line where they raise their bent leg as if over the back of an imaginary chair. You could try it at home using an actual kitchen chair. Bend your leg at the knee and then pass it across the back of the chair and end up with your foot on the ground . It breaks that tightness and hopefully will get you moving again

It could be something that will disappear as you get stronger. Just take it steady 🙂

We can only give general advice here as we are only amateurs and not doctors If it bothers you, get it checked out 🙂

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No ideas I'm afraid but sounds like you did the right thing to stop and hope it's not anything ongoing.

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