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Don't let injury make you give up!

So, I graduated from couch to 5 k a few months back and was so proud of myself as never in my earlier life have I even been able to run 50m (I am 55 now!). But so typical that as soon as I achieved my goal I was challenged with one foot injury after another. After resting one injury and running again I either received another or worsened the old injury. So, in the last few months I have only managed a complete run maybe three or four times and it is a month since the last one.

I had psyched myself up to the fact that I would have to return to some point further back in the programme to build myself up again. But today I went for it and managed my 5k (and could have run further) and I am so pleased. Ok, I am not very fast, taking 38mins to complete but this was my pre-injury speed and I did add in a couple of tough inclines. So my goal now is to speed up.

But my message is, never give up. If you injure yourself make sure and take plenty of time off to recover as returning too soon only means your injury may not mend so quickly and overall you will end up taking more time off. And don't worry that it will set you back because it is very likely that it won't, and if it does then it is not the end of the world and you will soon catch up with where you were. :)

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38 minutes and 5k is some going for a first run after a while, well done!

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Good for you! Injuries are so demoralising, and sometimes you fear you will never get back to it. So pleased to hear you are now back on it. Enjoy yourself. Spring is just round the corner, and the prospect of a year of running is truly mouthwatering 😀

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Very true and very, very well done :)


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