Don't ever give up

Don't ever give up

I just wanted to encourage those of you returning from injury or put off by niggles etc that perseverance pays off. When I look back to when I started C25k I could barely walk due to shin splints but proper gait analysis and new shoes sorted that and I just kept pushing through the pain. Last Summer 6 weeks of physio for a hip problem and no running, but I picked up and then did my first marathon in Paris in April this year!

I have just spent a difficult Summer with Achilles tendinitis but with a lot of eccentric heel drop exercises I'm 80% there.

So- yesturday morning I went out and thrashed out a 5k at 5.40 AM. I totally loved it, everything felt right and I did it in 29.39... Happy is an understatement, I haven't had a sub 30 for over 6 months now.

So the moral of juicyju's little tale is DONT GIVE UP. We run to feel alive and to feel passion and life thumping through our veins...there will be setbacks and our bodies fail us as we get older ( I've just turned 45 which is a lot in Panther years) but we mostly have control over our minds to focus, persevere and allow us to live to our fullest..... I don't believe there is any injury or niggle that we cannot work at, resolve or overcome to obtain what is truly within our bodies reach....

Me in the pic v v happy having just finished my 5k -still dark, but so alive!!

Happy Panthering



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  • I have to agree with everything you've said, JJ. Injury seems to be an occupational hazard but, with perseverance, hard work and a good physio, we can come back, wiser and stronger than ever. After my stints on the IC with knee trouble and then my broken ankle, I can honestly say that I run better now than I did. I doubt I'll ever get a sub 30 but, on the other hand, I used to say I'd never get a sub 35 but yesterday I did, so never say never.

    That's a great photo and you're looking rightly pleased with your morning's achievement. πŸ˜€xxx

  • Thankyou and I agree we always come back stronger and a little bit wiser every time...

  • Just what I needed to read! Having got to week 6 of c25k without any problems the Achilles gremlin struck without warning and has laid me up for going on 8 weeks now.

    Just when I feel like giving up your post has given me renewed hope

    Thank you x

  • I feel for you... Yes never give up. Have you been doing eccentric heel drops?? They really work...

  • I have started taking the ehd more seriously and ur right they do seem to help. I also have the foam roller and balance board.....!!!

  • You are absolutely right. I only wish I looked a fraction as fab as you after a run !!!

  • Awwww thankyou!!!

  • Good for you and such an encouraging post. I was feeling a little discouraged because of knee pain but your post makes me realise that it can be done.

  • Im so pleased it's helped...I hope it resolved soon do you can get on and enjoy!

  • Love the idea of life thumping through my veins Juicyju, great analogy! I'm going to think about that next time I'm fighting any gremlins on a run πŸ˜€

  • Yes do... It works. I visualise myself as powerful and strong and it alwYs seems to work when I'm feeling worn out....

  • What a fabulous, inspirational post JuicyJu- thank you :) Poetic, as well as encouraging- very helpful for anyone with niggles, 'issues' and gremlins - yay!

    Fab time and fab pic too- 45 is nothing, it's a great age to be- I almost remember it ;) x

  • Thankyou so much! Im trying not to think about it too much... I won't let it hold me back, that's for sure!!!

  • Hear hear!! Well said juju. Injuries come and go. Remember my groin baby?!!!

  • How could I ever forget.....!

  • Hear , hear well said Mrs!

    I luuuuurve running - perseverance pays offπŸƒπŸ»β€οΈπŸ˜‰

    Great smiley pic xxxx

  • Thankyou 🌞🌞🌞

  • Lovely post juicyju and I second everything you said. Coping with injury is definitely part of the journey, but we come back wiser and stronger and certainly in my case with an even greater passion for running and respect for what our bodies can do.

    I agree that is a fab pic - love the head torch!

  • So true, and Thankyou its a v comfy torch with 3 settings too!!

  • Well done Ju!

    It's a game innit! Just keep going with the exercises as they're going to pay off. I'm going to keep doing them now, even when I eventually get fit to run

    I have a head torch on my birthday list! Yours looks dead perfeshnial!

  • It's my husbands hand off cycling torch ( he loves gadgets and has an even more fancy one now!!). It's so comfy, you can move it up and down and it has 3 levels of intensity!!

  • Brilliant post Ju, and I agree . Injuries can make us feel like its all over but we can come back stronger and fitter and more wiser . Its all a learning curve and we learn what to do and what not to do as we go along.

    Gorgeous photo, I don't know how anyone can look that good at 5.40 am after a sub 30 5k !! Well jell ! :-)

    Good on ya Panther , get those paws up and may any niggles ( if any ) be little 'uns ! :-) xxx

  • Thankyou! Im better in the morning as im usually in bed by 9.00 looking 100% knackered!!

  • 100% with you on the injury front juicy :) maybe that is really the thing about C25K it unlocks the determination, perseverance and patience to overcome and prevail :D

  • That's so true and we come back so much stronger!!

  • Always good to read a panther post as they are so encouraging and inspirational. This post really hit a nerve with me. I had a minor niggly hamstring injury 3 months ago which developed into hip pain and then a pain in the butt. I gave up running for a month but as i walked with a limp i knew when i tried to run again i would struggle. I have seen a chiropractioner and a sports physio but i'm no further forward.

    The physio said i could run as it would not aggravate the condition. I have tried but it is so painful, unenjoyable and sole destroying as it doesn't even feel as if i'm running but just dragging a leg. I get really depressed when running and the times i'm running are slower than when i first started on this running crusade and 20% slower than i was running 3 months ago, I do feel like giving up - still i have an appointment with a different physio tonight so hopefully in 3 months i can write a similar post to this one.

  • Great post and great picture, glad to see the panther is back on form again.

  • Thanks RFC x

  • Great running just, glad you are almost fully recovered

  • Thankyou!!

  • Well done Juicyju thats a really encouraging post for me at the mo with my niggly knee and pulled neck!! Congratulations on your sub 30, looking good! :)

  • Thankyou!!

  • Well done JuJu. Fantastic run and great news the physio worked

  • Thankyou 🌞🌞🌞🌞

  • Thanks for the encouragement! I am looking forward to being able to run 5ks, and starting to think of ways to keep the running habit once I finish this program.

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