Treadmill Running

Just thought I would share my experience!

I am on week 7 - the 25 minutes.....last week I used a treadmill for the first time ever. It was the 25 minuter at the end of week 6 - and I found it really easy on the treadmill compared with running outside.

I also found it very difficult to work out how fast I was going compared with my usual pace (I suppose I couldn't see how fast the scenery was passing!). Just thinking...if I found it easier it may be worth anyone training on a treadmill to go outside also...otherwise you may be in for a shock on your first 5k or park run!

Anyway, happy shuffling :)


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5 Replies

  • Running on a treadmill should be slightly easier as the moving band reduces resistance. Many treadmill runners use a 1 degree incline to simulate running outside more accurately.

  • I've tried the treadmill option over the winter months but theres nothing like the cool breeze and scenery to make you forget how far you've actually run, i find i just get lost in it, the treadmill for me was just boring and I kept looking to see how long i had left and feeling it was gonna take forever lol, like blackdogshuffler said i used a .5 to 1% incline to mimic natural elevation. Everyone has there own preference, good luck with which ever option you choose :)

  • I loved running outside but sadly my joints and Achilles' tendons suffer big time if I do, so it's the treadmill all the way for me this time. I do find it a lot easier compared to running outside, partly because of the reduced resistance and partly (I assume) because I am 2.5st lighter than I was when I graduated C25K last time, and I'm not starting at zero in the fitness stakes.

  • I much prefer running outside...I only tried the treadmill as I am housesitting and the owner has a top notch one! Alipru...hopefully your joints and tendons will thank you for now carrying less weight :)

  • Thank you. I would rather run outside as the treadmill isn't the most exciting thing in the world. I have an underlying condition though, and that makes me prone to sprains, strains and tendonitis, so whatever allows me to move my legs at more than a brisk walk sometimes is fine by me. I'll alternate c25k with walking outdoors (that's not quite so much impact and doesn't give me problems) so I guess that'll be the best of both worlds 😀

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