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Second time around - still going: W5R1 - gosh that hurt!

I havent posted for a couple of weeks - too busy, but I have still managed to stay with the programme, with the odd extra rest day thrown in. Week 3 was fairly straightforward; week 4 a bit harder, I've just finished W5R1 - which lets just say I found tough going. There's no good reason why it should have been harder than W4R3 - particularly as there is a minute less running; but it was. My calves were burning from the off, and by the end of the last 5-minute run my legs were like jelly. But the main thing was I kept going. I guess it's the ones that really hurt that do the most good! Despite that, I really enjoyed it and felt fantastic at the end, or as good as you can feel when you can't quite manage to walk in a straight line :-)

It's likely to be Friday or Saturday before I get the chance to run again as I'm away for a couple of days. Then it's 2x8mins, followed by the dreaded 20 mins none stop hopefully on Sunday.

This week's really good news was I had my first post-radiotherapy consultants appointment the other day. All looking good. Touch wood, fingers crossed etc.

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So glad your consultant appointment went well - sounds like you have been through a lot recently. Masses of respect and lots of luck with progressing through the programme. You are doing so well, but also remember it is ok to repeat runs or even weeks until you feel you are ready to move on.🙂


Reading posts like yours helps me realise how lucky I am to be in good health and relatively fit before I started the programme. Here's hoping the work you've put in will start to bear fruit in Run 2 but as Sandraj39 says, if not then there is no shame in dropping back and doing Week 4 again if you find it too much. The runs should challenge you but not destroy you.


Very well done you...:)

... and so glad the latest news from your consultant is positive.Finger, legs and eyes crossed too :)

Take it slow and take it steady and just go at your own pace :)


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