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W4R1 done - ran for 15 minutes out of 28 and felt great!

Did my first run for W4 this morning; my Android app is slightly different from the NHS podcasts that many of you do, but my run looked like this:

5 minute warm-up

2.5 minutes running (x6)

0.5 minute walking (x6)

5 minute cool-down

So for my 28 minute run this morning, I spent 15 minutes of those running - over half the work-out! So stoked with that; considering we only ran for 6 minutes in week 1 :)

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Congratulations on an excellent run - so good to be almost half way there!

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Thanks - did my second run for W4 yesterday, and final run tomorrow so I'm getting there! Stoked I've been able to stick to the programme for the last 4 weeks and do each run :) It's a great way to build up your stamina & strength.


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