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What's your distance when doing the Couch to 5K ?

This post is probably targeted more at those in the beginning weeks and I am sorry if questions like this have already been asked. I am in the 3rd week on the program and I have started to measure my time and distance using Strava. I found out the route I have been using so far for the program is around 1.8 miles. What distance is everyone else running in the early weeks ? Should I be going for a longer distance than 1.8 miles ?

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Don't give a thought to how far you're running! At this stage, and in fact until you complete the programme, it really doesn't matter. It's really important you understand this, because if you start to try to run further and faster before you're ready, you might a) injure yourself or b) find yourself aborting runs because you've overextended yourself.

The important thing is that physically and mentally you get used to running for the duration called for. Once you graduate, you can work on distance and speed, and that's a fun thing to do. For now, concentrate on keeping your pace easy and comfortable, even if you think it's slow. Slow is good.

Good luck and enjoy the journey!


Hi for my week 3 I did the following: Run 1: 37 minutes, 2.30 miles (16.07m/m), run 2: 28.41 mins, 1.91 miles (15.02 m/m) and run 3: 26.45 mins, 1.78 miles (15.03m/m). I don't know if that's good or not. My length changes due to my course always changing. I haven't got a clue if I'm doing well or where I should be lol


There is no target distance, or pace for the C25K - it's deliberately designed that way so that you go at the pace that works for you. Some people will be going further than you; others will be envious of your distance. As long as you do the running that you should, can complete each run, but know that you've been working hard to do so, then you're running the right distance and pace for you. :)


Please don't even think about comparing distances - everyone is different, runs at different speed, has different levels of fitness, runs on different surfaces etc and it can lead to folk over-reaching themselves if they feel they're 'not doing it right'! So many injuries are down to trying to do too much, too soon.

In the early days it is so important to run as slowly as you need to so as to complete the runs, and distances are totally irrelevant. The programme never mentions 'expected' distances during the weekly plans. Just concentrate on finishing the timed runs. Once you've graduated, then you can think about gradually increasing speed/distance.


Thank you everyone for reminding me not to think about distance :) So far what I have been doing fits perfectly with the program. As soon as you start using an app to measure things you start to question things haha.


important lesson.. I think the SUCCESS of c25k app ( at least in the NHS version) is that it doesn't say anything about distances... only times... run for the programme.. do the times... then once you have finished worry about distances.. although it is natural... but before you do.. just think of it.. 1.8 miles... that's pretty amazing... for anyone who ( like most of us who start this) would say.. I cant run...


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