C25K on Channel 4

I was watching How to get fit fast on Channel 4 this evening & they debunked the myth that running damages our joints - apparently our joints can take up to 5 times our bodyweight and that injuries are caused by over running and not taking rest days between running (See, that's why we have to take rest days on the program) and going too fast too soon - One You C25K was recommended as a safe program :D


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  • I watched it too. Although I have been watching C4's 'How to....' series since the turn of the year.

    Although, one thing I did pick upon, when they were showing the runners was that the majority were heel-striking and not landing mid-foot.

  • the guy I was watching was mid foot strike, I wasn't really looking at the others because I was listening to the commentary.

  • I was thinking the same, there was a lass running who was all over the place, her feet were crossing her centre line, she was over-reaching :-)

  • We're already in the gang :) ...xx

  • That's good news. Great to hear it. Thanks for sharing

  • I saw that too. It IS good news.

    Mind you, I've rather been going on the theory that after 50 years on the couch my knees are "fresh out of the packet" and hopefully have years of running left in them. :)

  • aliboo70 I hope that woman who shouted at you during your last race saw this programme 🙂 Nah nah nah na na

  • thats just what i was thinking!!! :)

  • My doc, when failing to deliver his hard sell of anti cholesterol medication, added an aside that I would be suffering from joint problems down the line.

    A running pal of mine is a radiographer and he runs, skis and does triathlons. He is more concerned about the effect of people's weight on their joints. He suffers from arthritis at times but keeps his weight down and eats very healthily.

    I will keep on running and not medicating. Not convinced about this quest to medicate the "well" 😞

  • I agree! Far too many pills being prescribed. The jury is out - again - on cholesterol and the more I read the more I think the biggest enemy is sugar and not fat/cholesterol. The doctors in Germany seem to be less inclined to medicate the well, but I'm fully expecting to have to ignore doctors instructions some time in the near future!

  • A GP colleague & me were discussing the role of exercise & how it could be included into treatment plans. There is an expectation that there is a pill for everything. Exercise & healthy eating can't prevent everything but it goes a long way to help.

  • I saw that programme too. Now on week 7 of the podcast and finding it quite tough. Only got to look at Mr Singh who ran his first marathon at age 89 years old and is now still running at 100 plus years old!!

  • I saw some of that. My doctor was a best indifferent to my idea of running. although he knew that I cycled and commented that it is less "weight bearing" than running. I have had for quite a while pains in my knees but my running hasn't made them any worse ! Obviously my weight loss has helped. In fact have improved dramatically such that I ever hardly mention them !

    .I am sure that people who do not run and/or cycle and do no exercise regardless of weight have worse knee and overall joint pain than runners !

    There must be some statistics somewhere to prove it. I know that on this site there was a Doctor who did a long post on here. He actively encouraged his patients and himself to take up C25K which had enormous benefits for himself and his patients.

    I think someone needs to advise Doctors to (obviously cautiously) tell their patients to take up exercise. Also give them best advice on how to steadily go about it like C25K.

  • I agree! My own experience is that I had joint pains in my ankles and feet whilst an overweight couch potato but none now I run about 5 times a week and am a healthy weight. I suspect there is a connection 😉

  • I total agree - before I started back running I had pain in my left SI joint and hip, I couldn't stand/sit/lie for long periods but 7 weeks of running & I'm pain free :)

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