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Slowly back- hopefully

Today the first run for about 6 weeks. Predictably I ve had problems with my feet/toes in the cold weather resulting in open areas which has put a stop to my running which I ve felt bad about. They are nearly healed so I thought I would have a go on my treadmill. I managed a 5 min warm up walk a 20 min run set at 8:5k and a 5 min walk cool down covering about 3.9k. It's not great and I don't feel very happy about it when I think back I was running about 5k in 37 mins and that feels along way off but hey ho it's a start again I guess

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If you've managed to go straight back in with a 20 min run that sounds pretty good to me! Do look after your feet though, and make sure they have the chance to heal properly :)


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