A naughty run

A naughty run

I'm at the tail end of a lurgy which has stopped me running for 10 days and is turning me into a very unpleasant person😡 I am really missing my exercise and hubby is not helping as he seems to be terrified that I will overdo things and drop dead. If he had his way I would never run again. Well he's not fit at the moment and there was no way I was not going for a walk in the winter sun today. And a long one at that. So I told him where I was going and set off - fully planning to do a bit of light jogging for short distances just to see how things go. I was aiming for one of the many lakes round here, where I haven't been for about a year, a round trip of about 13k (good to know if I ever get that far running!). It was beautiful, the sun was shining, the lake was still frozen even though most of the snow has gone. I plonked myself down on the grass at the edge of the ice with a big grin on my face and let the sun warm my face. And I got my sneaky little runs in, 4x 1k I ran in total. Not non-stop, very slow, but not too tiring - despite wearing walking boots and being kitted out for a hike rather than a run. It wasn't very sensible, but it did me a lot of good and I feel so much better for it. I hope to get back properly this week.


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14 Replies

  • Simply beautiful.. and you were sensible. It is so hard to curb the urge.

    The fact that I was doing some walking even with the lurgy, kept me pretty sane I think.. :)

    What a glorious place to walk and jog in too... it looks amazing, and I am glad that you felt okay and had sunshine smile on you too :)

    I should have run today, but this morning it was foggy again, so I was sensible :) and have taken an extra day's rest but been on my trainer :)

    Hope you are feeling back on form now.. :) x


    Unpleasant person.. you.. I don't believe it x

  • Ha, you don't really know me! I wouldn't be surprised if my husband left me when I get like this! But he's a patient soul.

  • Stunning photos JaySeeSkinny, and so glad you were able to get a small fix of running, albeit togged out in your walking gear! Good for you!🙂

  • Gorgeous photos and walking is just slow running so it's all good 😊

  • Oh I loved, just loved reading this. Felt like I was there. What a beautiful, calming and energising description. I want to go out right now😊

  • What a lovely place to walk (and run!) :) And too good an opportunity to miss!

  • Lovely Jaysee, good to hear you got your " fix "

    Hope youre back to full health very soon :-) xxx

  • As someone who did something over half C25K in walking boots, I particularly loved reading this.

  • I must admit I bought running shoes pretty early on but I did my first ever 'practice run' (to see if I could do it) in work boots. And pouring rain.

  • This is a very encouraging post to read for someone (me) who's been slacking off a bit recently. I often work at the weekends but if I have a weekend off and it's sunny I take myself off to a really lovely local open space and say to myself, well I'll do as much as I can or want to, and if I need to stop and walk up the hills, then I will. What happens? I just do the whole lot, slowly and steadily. The fact that this particular park is really busy at the weekends really helps - I just watch the kids on their bikes, the dogs chasing each other, the ducks waddling about, I even saw some crows having a bath in a puddle! (never seen crows do that before). It keeps me distracted from the fact that I'm huffing and puffing and maybe getting weary. Then, as my route takes me away from the busy part of the park and onto the more remote bit that really only sees the joggers and dog walkers, I get my second breath and really appreciate the scenery. Lovely.

    Poo - working next Saturday .... wonder if I can get there on Sunday?!

  • Hope you felt better for the fresh air and gentle exercise jaysee..a bit of you time.xxx

  • Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better! Sometimes the fresh air can do wonders, mentally if nothing else. Hope you recover fully soon xx

  • Running in walking boots sounds ... heavy... but I can totally understand that you just needed to do that! Glad you are feeling better. Lovely photos.

  • Hope that means you're well on the way to recovery and getting back to it. Glad you feel better for it. :)

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