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It was like a scene from a movie!

I did run 1 week 4 today. I had been apprehensive about doing the 5 minute runs. The first run I found difficult but the following ones became better. I got to 4 minutes of my last run of the session when I felt myself flagging. I remembered what Lauren had said slow down don't stop! Suddenly the track I was listening to stopped and on came....... Eye of the Tiger!! Not only did it make me laugh but spurred me on for the rest of the run! It's surprising how the tracks we run to can give us so much motivation. What's your motivational song??

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He He. It's great when that happens. Echo Beach by Martha and the Muffins reminds me of lots of high points in my life. Really picks up the pace.

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I have many and most are on the sami murphy bridge to 10k podcasts ☺

One Republic -love runs out

the who -baba o'riley

kenny loggins - -footloose

stone roses - -resurrection

Soz about the typing. Tablets !


Oh i love echo beach!


" From 9 to 5 I have to spend my time at work, my job is very boring, Im an office clerk "

Love it , thats me that is :-)

My job is a bit boring, but I have a right laugh at work , so that makes up for it ha ha :-) xxx


I don't think they had another hit did they? Can't recall if they did. Belter of a song that was.

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I don't even know who sung it! Bit it got me through!!


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