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5x50 and Parkrun #3

Well, been keeping up with 5x50, this weeks read as

Sunday exercise DVD (no time to get outside) = 5k

Monday walked (split around 12 day shift) = 5k

Tuesday ran Stepping Stones before late shift =4k; Tuesday also walked 2.2k

Wednesday before late shift cycled = 5.76K and walked = 2.5k

Thursday stamina in hot sun before late shift = 4.5k and walked =1.8k

Friday walked = 5k

Saturday Parkrun to Stamina =5k

Parkrun #2 at Chelmsford; felt tired before starting,not helped by being up til 2.15am waiting for sons washing to dry before he went home, then the text to say he was back safe (Mum's never stop worrying!) then grandson waking me at 6.45am with a kiss and 'Is it early, Nanny?' 'Um, yes!' :-)

Off to run, daughter had said it was warm when she came in from night shift so didn't put on long sleeve top, but it was quite chilly... Set off but Runkeeper woudn't start even though I had got all ready whilst waiting, then after the first corner Laura jumped from Stepping stones to Speed, so more annoyance sorting that... :-(

Go past a couple of people, then I am on my own settling into a rhythm then I get a fly in my eye! Carry on running trying to get it out, helped by eyes streaming from hayfever even though I'd remembered my tablet, eventually it came out. Back to concentrating but became aware I was thinking about needing the loo, even though that had all been sorted prior to leaving home :-(

Plodded on, throat burning, nose and eyes streaming, soggy tissues filling my pockets; grumping to myself that I should have left it, not bothered, time will be rubbish, then had to redo shoelace, too. Ran up the hill but so out of breath ha to walk a few steps at the top, grrr!!! ;-(

On the home stretch started to relax and be pleased to get it over with, then as the last 1k appraoched realised I was a bit ahead on the podcast compared to last week, so made a really big effort, using Laura and the faster beat to push me on, rounded the last but one corner just into the warmdown but tried to keep up the previous pace to the end... Now have to wait for the time, as Runkeeper failed me at the beginning!

Managed to thank all the volunteers as I passed them, and clapped the leaders as they sped past me on the way home, got a few well dones at the end from other runners, then waited for the Moonwalk girls at the end and donated my emergency coins to them :-)

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Sounds like a good run! :)


Better than I thought, 36.39 pb, yay!


ooo - definitely faster than me now then! :D Well done!


Wow, quite an epic run, and what a build up.

Well done you :-)


Thanks! Must have been better than it felt as I got a Pb! Yay! 36.39, still a long way to the elusive 30 minutes! Night shifts nwxr weekend so no pressure to improve again yet! :-)


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