W2R3 done - and uphill for the last sprint

W2R3 done - and uphill for the last sprint

Thanks for the encouragement everyone :) ran my W2R3 this morning and feeling pretty good. First four sprints were very manageable, fifth was ok and then I was trying a new route and ended up running my sixth sprint entirely uphill! I made it, but with a bit of panting. Bring on week 3!

Out of curiosity, do you incorporate hills in your runs or do you just aim for flat mostly? I live on a hill, so usually have some slopes in there somewhere. About to move out to the farm where my husband works (which is basically all hills!) - might need to find some new routes :) picture of our home to be above - there are some beautiful views though!

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  • Sprint? Sprint? Did you say sprint? In the same sentence as hill?

    I'm going for a lie down 😉

  • It's not so much a sprint, just a jog - nothing so strenous :) probably a poor word choice; just meant a short burst of running :)

  • Sprint?? Slow jog, please! :D Looks like a beautiful place to be, even if it's not entirely flat...!

    It's good to try and incorporate some hills if you can - but do take them very gently and accept that they add an additional level of challenge to the running. But they're very good for you! :)

  • Ok - I'll try to add them in gradually - might go and run down by the beach :) it's a stunning place!

  • This is absolutely beautiful. How lucky you are to live in such an amazing place!

    Like RainbowC says, no sprints if you're coming to the programme as a new runner! Slow, slow, slow! 90 seconds might feel fine to sprint at the moment but once you're running for longer intervals slow and steady is best to get you through and avoid injury.

    Some people, like you, might not have much choice as to whether they run hills when they complete the programme but I would avoid them where you can. Plenty of time for hills after Week 9! :)

  • Ok - I'll keep it steady - stamina and distance are key particularly with the longer runs :)

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