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Thanks for the encouragement!


Very much to my surprise, I actually managed to get through my W5R1 today ... those gremlins told me I was going to die, but I didn't, hence this post. Back in November 2016 I couldn't even do a 1 minute jog and started a 3 week pre-C25K programme / December 2016 I simply gave up, having "failed W4R2" (yeah, I know, practice run etc ....) / Jan 2017 tried to restart at W3R1, didn't work so went right back to W1R1 / 30th January a W4R1 practice run / today 2nd February the slowest run known to all mankind and I could have walked it quicker, but wheeeeee! Without the encouragement here I wouldn't have gone back to the programme in January and since then would have certainly given up by now, so THANK YOU ALL. Meanwhile those gremlins have already started telling me that running 8 minutes at a time is different, and that they'll get me! We'll see, and I now have the experience of doing repeats to get through a run so I'm not worrying as much this time.

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Meant W5R1 practice run ... whoops!


That's brilliant well done. This plan is amazing at making you realise what you are capable of. Just lock those pesky gremlins in the cupboard they know nothing x


Go You :D !!! Tell those Gremlins to 'do one'...xx

Good for you davidhwynn..

You can walk And Run

Not all walkers can Run... 😊

Good luck with wk5r2 nice and slow.x


Well done! As you know so well by now, speed doesn't matter At All. You ran those three 5 minute blocks - that's fantastic progress! The next run is only one minute more in total, and you can do that. Tell those gremlins what their opinion is worth! ;)


Yes you did it!!! Well done you..! Those gremlins know nothing.. I told you..ignore them, they loathe that!

Slow.. it is the new fast.. didn't you know? :)

You are doing brilliantly...onward and upwards... as ever, slow and steady :)


Brilliant - well done!!! As for the next one, just go out and try it and see what happens! You never know - you might surprise yourself again :)




Sorry David - my machine refused to post anything last night, after I did the smileys (Real gremlins perhaps!)

Well done you. I'm so pleased you're determination is paying off, it is well deserved. (And I hope you've realised you are more than half way through the program now?)

Next one will be different again, so take it slow as you can to start off and conserve your energy - don't let the gremlins use your "new run adrenaline" to trick you into a racing start. The little pests get me that way nearly every time - its a favourite tactic of theirs for us new runners so I reckon they swap notes! Be stubborn with them and go nice and steady.

(I did the 4 x 10 last night, but had to keep nagging myself to slow down to start with - I have no idea why I find that so difficult - especially when it's so very easy to go slow at the end of a run!)

Good luck with the next one!

davidhwynnGraduate in reply to Raven2016

Thx! I think sorting my mind out is probably harder than the physical running ... that's saying something, because the running's pretty damn hard for me!


Good for you! You're winning this!


Those gremlins know nothing! Brilliant, well done. You can do the next one and the next and the next... :)

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