W8R3 - niggly doubts creeping in 😧

Well it's Thursday, my day off and since starting C25K a day I look forward to with relish. So why am I sitting looking out the window telling myself it's too wet, too windy, cold etc etc I've loved this programme so far but just because I found my last run (on the treadmill) tougher than usual I'm now full of doubts ......... with only 4 runs to graduation. Next week is the week I've been waiting for ....... what is wrong with me?! 😑


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  • Dunno. Believe in yourself and get out there. Provided it's not blowing a gale 😊

  • I'm one week behind you, so 7 runs to go. I think that this part is tough because it's the almost the same thing for 10 runs. But it's about prespective, these last constant runs are improving your stamina and cementing the fact that you are able to run constantly and increase the amount of time you can run for.

    The end of the C25K programme is the beginning of your own running journey, whether you want to run a couple of times a week for health, work on running 5k and improving times or even aim for 10k, half marathons and those crazy things.

    So rather than focusing on the monotony of the run, try to focus on the beginning of your journey and what you want to achieve!

  • Thank you garyc. I'm determined to see this through. I'm going out & whatever happens it's better than doing nothing. You are right this programme is just the start 😊

  • All you have to do now, is get out there on your next run and get it done! I don't know about you, but the exhilaration of completing 20 minutes and then my first 25 minutes was amazing and I'm so excited to complete that last run of week 9 and start working on 5k!

  • Winter blues.. just get out there.. it is just weather... ! You will feel better for it :)

    This leads you to the journey that is totally yours ...after Graduation.. the path goes on.. your way :)

  • I'm a graduate (started in May) and I still get put off by bad weather. Buuuuut... the only way to get over that is to do it. I've just got back from a wet and windy run having taken motivation from other people's posts and replies to my post 'rain'. I've made my peace (more or less) with shitty weather (and, believe me, that encompasses anything that's not clear blue warmth in my book!!) since starting this journey and I really enjoyed my run this morning. So, I hope you went and I hope you had fun.

  • I felt a bit the same at this stage. Weeks 7, 8 and 9 can feel a bit relentless and are quite a challenge mentally.

    You have done so well! You could try mixing your routes up a bit, listening to your own music rather than Laura (sound of thunderbolt striking), planning a treat for when you graduate!

    I got pretty wet and blown around this morning, but in a strange kind of way it was exhilarating. Just me, a few bedraggled dog-walkers, some happy ducks and the elements.

  • Niggly doubts seem to affect a lot of people in the run up to graduation. There's a lot of subconscious stuff going on. What happens when I finish? Will I finish! Do I want to finish, I've enjoyed it so much?! A rough run can totally knock your confidence if you let it.

    Don't let it! You have worked your way through c25k. You're so nearly there. You have the ability, you just need to take a deep breath and do it.

    You have to anyway, we've already organised the party!πŸ˜‰

  • It's the weather (and the fact that you are nearly there!) :)

    I found week 8 tough - it was the only week where I had to repeat a run to complete the week! But I just went back out 2 days later and tried again. You CAN do this - you are so close - just keep at it!!

  • Thanks for that CookieM you are right week 8 is tough! I did go out despite the weather and actually it wasn't as bad as I was anticipating and DID complete the run. 3 x 30min runs to graduation whey hey!!

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