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Week 6 done ; need some advice

Dear all

I finally done week 6 . But I am feeling dead tired even after 2 hours of doing it. What worries me as soon as I start running even at 10 min /km pace my heart jumps to 165 bpm and keeps going for 175 bpm .

Is it ok to run 25 min (almost all running ) at peak zone (mine is 165 bpm + ) . I am a novice and who has never ran in his life .

Bcas if it’s not right to keep your heart at such high for longer duration when I am so new to running then I may have to go back to run and walk .

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My non medical advise would be to slow it right down - slowEST to bring your heart and breathing right down.


I m already running (jogging ) as slow as possible .. I can brisk walk a km less than 10 min (9:40 or so min ) as against 10 min plus jogging km . It’s just the moment my legs start doing jogging heart rate goes up .

I am confused , may be years of smoking are causing me this trouble ( quit sometime 50 days back )


How do you know what your peak zone is?

The suggested zones are based on your maximum heart rate. Until your true max HR is established, you have only the averages to go on, which may be wide of the mark.

If you feel okay, then carry on. A heart rate monitor needs a lot of research to be used sensibly. Frankly, unless you have specific medical conditions, you are better off ignoring the monitor.


Okay .. may be I am underestimating my capabilities .. will see how it goes .. no chest pain or breathing issues if keep it under 180 bpm so will train at this level . Any chest pain I see GP

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When I was 61 I could run for an hour with my heart rate in the mid 150s, when according to the charts my max HR should have been 159. I have never ascertained my actual max HR but assume that I have a high HR range, with my resting HR being below 50.

Averages, by their nature cannot tell you what your actual maximum HR really is.

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