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There I was, 5.45am ready to go and my app tells me "Failed to sync with server. Please check your connection!" on both phones. So, I remembered what I did on Monday (W4R1) and repeated that with my timer. Not as easy, but it worked. Decided to delete the app and reinstall on one phone.

Deleted. And now can't find the app in the app store! And the other phone is still giving me the sync message. Any ideas anyone?

(In case you're wondering, I have an old phone I use for running, in case I lose it/it gets damaged and the app on my usual phone as a back up!)


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  • Are you using a podcast or the app?

  • The app

  • C25K apps are known to be unstable and crash. The podcasts are better, but to get them on android phone you need to first download an app like podcast radio music-cast box, (but there are loads of various apps on the web)..then download The Health unlocked NHS Choicies c25k podcasts which has Laura as the voice and is the best..😊


  • Nice one Davelinks- Thanks! Just to be uber fussy- Is it possible to play your own music over the podcast? I like Laura's voice so much- I graduated over a year ago, but have let things slide, so I'm at week three at the moment. I'm craving the familiarity of the app (and the lovely big timers on screen-A bit of a Mrs Magoo) but at least I can choose to listen to Laura if I can't get on with teh other apps- Don't know why the app has been removed for download!

  • I just used the music on the podcast, so put up with it for the 9 weeks! I don't think you can use your own music if podcasts are on iPhone or iPod, but think you can if they are on an android phone, now don't ask me how to do it, as never tried it, hopefully someone else will come along who has... It's probably quite easy to do, But if you find out how then let me know please..

  • Thank you davelinks. Have managed to download the podcasts onto my old phone, so now a happy bunny (or cat) again!

  • Hi Tizzicat! Exactly the same here! Same message, same "old" phone in case I drop it and same can't find app in store! The NHS Choices offer a different app, in conjunction to the BBC and although the format & timings etc are the same, the voices are just awful- You get to choose from some "celebrities"!! Sarah Milican, Jo Whiley and 2 I've never heard of. Oh, pleeeeeeeaaasseeee bring back Laura on the app! Am suffering here, lol!

  • Michael Johnson is an American sprinter & Olympic medalist. I have him as my coach & he is fab. I couldn't get on with Laura but each to their own

  • As davelinks said, download the podcasts - even I managed to do it - and Laura is back!

  • I wonder if you had the older NHS C25K app? I think I remember it having a lot of yellow?

    If so, that app has been replaced by the "One You Couch" to 5k app



    Its a little clunky but will allow you play your own music.

  • thank you, everyone. yes I had the Yellow app! I will have to download the new one. Are the timings the same on the new one?

  • Yep, same program, same timings.

  • Thank you.

  • Why do they have to change things? I can't download the new app on my old phone, as it isn't compatible! GRRR

    I hate technology.

  • Try the podcasts instead then (someone has already posted the link) - much more reliable!

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