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I've been using Runkeeper for the past month or so to log my runs, distances etc and it's been good although the website has been rather flaky. Sometimes it wont sync, sometimes it wont connect etc.

So I've decided to give a bunch of other apps a go this week, starting with NikePlus!

However, I done my 5k run this morning and even though I felt like i was going faster in places, I felt slower in others yet nikeplus reckons I beat my PB by two and a half minutes.

Normally, I'd be ecstatic however I'm not. I'm sceptical that nikeplus has screwed up somewhere and tracked me faster than I actually was.

Has anyone else had any similar issues with the app? Do you think its any good?

Next up on the app list is Endomondo.

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I have been using Endomondo on and off over the last year but have been getting dodgy readings on distances covered - especially when I know a distance is X miles long and Endomondo insists it is Y and never in my favour either! Used Runkeeper for the first time on Saturday and was very impressed with the app, but haven't used the website yet.


Sorry, should have said I think the problem with Endomondo is satellite tracking - it tells me it has excellent satellite coverage but I suspect it isn't the case. Especially when I switch over the Runkeeper who tells me it cannot track a satellite. However on my recent Runkeeper run it did connect with the satellite and the distance was spot-on and I loved the stats streaming in my ear while I listen to my own music


I have issues with all apps I've tried - It's just luck of the draw I'm afraid.

Try the Nike one on your next run and see how it correlates with today's run.

I'm planning on using the Nike app after I graduate as it counts down distance for you, which is great for getting to 5k.


I have found NikePlus to be very accurate when I traced my route on

I use it on my iPod (i don't have a "modern" mobile, so no GPS!)

If you actually *know* a distance, run it with NikePlus, then calibrate the app by following the prompts on the screen.


I downloaded Runtastic last night intending to go running this morning and try it out. Its raining cats and dogs here, no GPS signal getting through the dense cloud cover either. I'm concerned I get my lovely new Ipod soaked so will wait and see if the rain goes off a bit later. Basic Runtastic was free but you can upgrade for additional stuff at a later date. Will get Nike+ loaded later on to try it too.


hmmm, I read on the NIke+ website about this. If the app struggles to find a GPS signal, it uses the phones accelorometer to measure speed, distance and pace etc... not entirely accurate :(

Which means my PB is probably a false reading :(


I use mapmyrun which seems fine so far, been using it a few weeks now. Seems spot on with the distance, and I know I'm doing a slow speed so no surprises on my stats. Damn those stats ha ha


Can anyone confirm if Endomondo is an App for mobile phones ONLY, went to register to download to my new Ipod Touch but asking for phone number for connecting?


On itunes there were complaints about the recent update and everybody hating it! So that might be what the problem was xx


I've used Endomondo for about 7 weeks now and have found it very accurate (even compared the distance on my local OS map - how nerdy is that!). I have a HTC smartphone and a bought a specific water resistant armband which works great - it was tipping down on Tuesday and the phone was fine. The only issue I did have was prior to the armband with the phone in a pocket and loss of GPS reception - it tends to draw straight lines between points. I tend to hold the case in my hand during warm up with the APP on standby then hit start when my run begins and slip it on. The phones speaker is also quite audible from an armband for the lap times etc. so great for running without headphones/music as well.

I love the way that your run is instantly available on the website post run with laptimes and PB's etc. - I'm a sucker for stats.

With regard to Ipod touch compatibility I'm not sure but I can't see any reason why it couldn't if you have GPS.


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