"Silent" running

I graduated in September, and I have got out there three times a week since, bar the odd cold/illness/Christmas break. I have always run listening to the radio, or to downloaded drama podcasts, and this has helped me to distract myself from the gremlins!

However, my phone took a little swim (!) a few weeks ago, and has been protesting ever since. I also drop it on a regular basis whilst running, as I cannot bear that armband thingy, and it jumps out of my pocket. Now the headphone socket has given up the ghost, so today's run was done without the comfort blanket of a Radio 4 drama serial!

I was stupidly nervous about the run, but in the end I enjoyed it. I chose to do a half-hour run that I know I can comfortably manage, and I was surprised by how much I noticed of my surroundings. I kept up my usual speed, and managed to keep the gremlins at bay. Later on this week I am planning a longer run of 48 minutes (not as random as you might think - part of a plan to get to 60 minutes). In a perverse kind of way, I am looking forward to it.


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  • Technical point: I use Bluetooth earbuds when I'm running which will solve your socket problem.

  • Me too :)

  • My husband offered to get me a running watch for Christmas, and I have been eyeing one up which has just that option. Then I won't need the phone at all! It's a bit more than I think he was expecting, so while I wait for it to come down in price I am making do!

  • Go you.. slow and steady is the only injury free way to build up distance and or speed.. :)

    I do three runs a week.. a short 3K. a favourite 5K and then a longer one... anything from 6 to 10K.. although I need to build back up to a 10K after being on the IC for a while :)

    Sometimes, like you, I just think, I will run for thirty minutes, or an hour, and see where it gets me.. it is great, isn't it having the choice.. Aren't we a lucky bunch :)

    Sometimes too, running naked is wonderful! :) Gives us chance to take in all the sounds of the world :)

  • 'Running naked' Now that I have to try! Not in my local neighbourhood though, although I do have reservations about running without my sports bra.

  • We will come and bail you out!

  • Cheeky... you know what it means.. :) Although.. I did do a Weekly Snippet o the forum,( we used to have them most weeks) which was about running naked.. literally.. we had some good posts and replies after that one :)



  • Yes, I have been following ju-ju-'s programme over on Bridge to 10K, (or considerably less in my case), and it does follow that sort of pattern. So far, so good!

    You are so right about being injury-free - I had a break over Christmas due to illness/travel and I have noticed that I have had far fewer niggles building up again than I did building up to 5K after graduation. I am enjoying myself more too!

  • I always run without listening to anything (I don't like taking my phone with me, preferring to just let someone know my run route and when I'm due back). I find it leaves me with my thoughts a bit more, thoughts that running then help to dispel. I like the idea of podcasts, enjoying them when not running, but I just can't be bothered with the faff of earphones and carrying my phone.

  • I have heard other people describe running as more of a meditative experience. I wouldn't claim that for my run this morning, but I can see that it could create a space for thinking.

  • I've occasionally tried running without music etc but really don't like it! Glad it went well for you though :)

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