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Is it just me.

I only realised recently that I can't think when I run. I have 2 gates on my run. On the way out I have no trouble with these gates :). On the way back however I struggle to open them :) :) :) . I can't seem to co-ordinate my hand to open them. I think too much of my oxygen is going to my heart and not enough to my brain.

I went out with my husband (as you may know) this week and even he noticed that after I have run for 30 minutes I can't construct a sentence, not because I am out of breath but because the words come out in the wrong order. He was laughing at me, he had of course done his Week 1 run 2 and cool down walk and had had to wait for me to finish my 30 minutes. He usually only sees me after I have cooled down and can hold things together a bit better. I am sure he will appreciate it as he gets further down the programme :)


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16 Replies

  • Ha ha , no its not just you !

    I have this with a park near me . I cant get in , I run up to the gate , but I cant judge whether I need to push or pull it so I just jog on the spot till I can get it right in my head what to do. First time I tried, I just gave up and ran off pretending I had no intentions of going in at all, I was just looking as if to say " Ooh that's a nice gate " Ha ha ! :-D

    Luckily the last coupla times I have been , the gate is open so I just have to run through .

    I find too, when I have been running , I just cant stop talking ! Its like my mouth goes into overdrive and Im just going blah, blah, blah yadda yadda yadda and I have to have words with myself to shut up ha ha :-)

    How bizarre ! :-D xxx

  • Love your 'sang froid' when faced with a closed gate! lol

  • Ha ha ! I bet I looked a right twit ! :-D xxx

  • I know I do, my husband was stood there laughing at me from the other side :)

  • A closed gate, or anything that needs thinking about really :)

  • The first time I got back to the gate I couldn't open it and I my first thought was "I will have to run another 30 mins to get off the Coastal path where there isn't a gate!". I have to run on the spot whilst I put all my effort into working out the latch on each gate. They are about 30 seconds apart but both have different latches on which doesn't help. :) Luckily I am usually ok by the end of the cool down :)

    Odd though :)

  • Ha ha very odd indeed ! :-)

    Just one of those little things that happen Stef , just to us though :-) xxx

  • I think it's just you, Stef :)

  • Maybe, but I do look odd. I need to find a route that is less taxing on the brain :)

  • I have this problem when I go on holiday, in the zone as JJ would say?

  • to all gates or just while you are running on holiday ?

  • Any kind of thinking!

  • Ooh how strange! Can you vault over instead? X :-)

  • I think differently and sometimes I'm to sweaty to do latches, but I do my best thinking when I run. It gives your head space to sort itself out. There's a poster about on Pinterest that says "if you don't have answers after a long run, you ain't getting them" - I think a bit of gate-blindness is a small price to pay :)

  • That's hilarious princessStef! I'm sitting here giggling away just imaging you trying to open the gates. Can't you go another way?

  • I genuinely laugh out loud at myself each run when I am trying to open the gates. I blame the council for putting complicated openers on them :) .

    I am trying out different routes. At the moment I do a loop but start and end at the gates. There are other ways but they are quieter and I like to run where there are people in case I need them :) . Now my husband has started running with me it opens up different places or he could just open the gates :)

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