Holibobs and Running Blobs

Hi Everyone, 

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post and I've been offline for a while due to crazy work load, kiddo end of term commitments then a week off on holibobs in the New Forest with no wifi (really... No wifi... Just trees, wild horses, hills, more hills, donkeys and um trees - gorgeous!). 

Sad to come back to injury news for Old Floss, delighted to hear of successes and run progress from fellow March grads and read the latest escapades of the week-ers, all doing great :) 

So here it is... My honest and true update... 

I'm out of routine (life got in the way), I'm a running blob (Easter eggs and wine got in the way) and I'm running scared again (gremlins got in the way)... I've managed just 4 not spectacular runs in 14 days. Disappointed in myself for sure and no excuses. The consolation is that our holibobs week was very active, long, long walks every day and cycling up HILLS (ouch!). 

So, a run on the treadmill during work/kid mayhem week was a hot, frustrating very long 25 minutes, then I gave in (shameful). Two runs in the beautiful New Forest - fairly short, slow runs just taking in the scenery and tackling the hills.... breathtaking! Stunning, unspoilt countryside blemished by a Lycra-clad midlander huffing and puffing - it was tough work! 

Then today's run... Back on the trusty canal, first an enjoyable and nicely paced 2k on my old stomping ground, but alas, gremlins started up at the 3k mark ("pah - you're exhausted!"), niggled on and on, then dealt a final flurry of insults that I didn't manage to defend just short of 5K and at 33 mins of running... "you've been a lazy, non-running, chocolate-eating madam and now look at you! You're so unfit you can't make the 5k... Your face is purple, your leg is hurting, you need to WALK, you can't breathe for goodness sake, that stitch hurts, give it up!" 

So, it's back to work on Monday and back into routine - head up and move on, 3 X 5k runs a week - no excuses! New goal... By the end of April I'm going to have done my first park run... (It doesn't have to be quick, or pretty, but I have to be brave enough to do it - a 5k in 'real public', with other people... the whole thing, no walking and certainly no gremlins ;) )

Sorry for the long update post. It's good to get this down, warts and all, as a record of my little fall off the running wagon... And motivation to get back on, sharpish! :)


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11 Replies

  • Shame well work and kids can dent your schedule but let there be hope and a new beginning 👏 

    How lovely the New Forest used to live in Fordingbridge so it was quite literary My back Garden the are so many stunning walks that you can do up hill and down dale 🚶 

    As always slowly slowly and you will get back your strength back. 👍

  • Thanks Papa Bear. Fordingbridge simply lovely, you must miss it. Yep, slowly, slowly next time out - will build back up... I must... Planning to work towards 10k this year, but seems a huge leap when back to battling with half that distance! One step at a time eh! :) 

  • You are a perfectly fine runner and keeping at it... it's the self talk that needs attention. You are really, really not nice to yourself and you wouldn't treat anyone else that way.

  • You're probably right, am hard on myself... Also impatient! I'll get there in the end :) 

  • Hey, Virtual running buddy, you just ran for over 30 mins! That's still fantastic! It shows the basic fitness is still there and next week you'll be right back on track. 4 runs in 2 weeks is still 2x a week and in such a lovely environment it will have done you good. Time with family and holidays are also very important - life is more than a fixed routine! Know what you feel about being blobby, time with family means overeating and too much alcohol for me! Wish I could get that aspect of my life under control - but even if I never do, having a good time is also important for good health. Sounds like you had a great holiday, hills, cycle rides, family...... Sounds perfect to me!

  • Thanks Jay, think am falling into the trap of comparing myself to other recent grads and feeling inferior and just generally cross with lack of progress (of my own making). Will be fine next time out, hopefully :) And the holibobs really was lovely - a much needed break X 

  • Right, next run, every step you take is a squish of a gremlin. What's that kiddies game where the things pop up randomly and you have to bash them down again? That's your feet landing on gremlins heads next time you head out.  

    From my perspective of 1 fab run since graduation until I pulled a muscle, then a tentative outing a week later where I had to turn back after 3, yes 3, not 33 mins, because of the pain, and having eaten lots of Easter chocolate, you're doing really well!!

    And you had an active holibobs.

    So my words to you from where I sit, "cut yourself some slack!".  And go running on gremlins next time you're out :-) 

    As for me, I had a hilarious (for onlookers) first go at paddleboarding this week and my legs can still feel it 3 days on, and have just come back from coastal row, yay.  But am missing the running.  Will give it another week and then take another tentative outing...

  • Thanks Bels, would've loved to see the paddle boarding, sounds fun... And a little bit scary! Bad news with the running escapades, you'll be back on form soon. 

    Yay! Whack a mole! My kids still love that! I'll try my best to whack a gremlin with each step next time out, hopefully tomorrow evening X 

  • Come on you...! You have had a great break and you deserve it. You will be back to running from before you know it!

    Plus..you ran for over 30 mins.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!

    Now...kick those pesky gremlins out... (I love the idea of squishing them with every step, from Helsbels' Brilliant idea! )SQUISH!!!! 

    Kick them into the canal, the waddley bottom ducks will eat them....!!!!!!

    Great to have you back and you WILL do that park run and it will be wonderful... :)x

  • Thanks Floss :) I will... I'm going to squish those gremlins down good and proper. Well, I'm going to try super hard at least. I hope to recapture the lovely run feeling very soon and grab hold of it with both hands, I've missed the 'good' runs lately, but know this has to do with the mind as much as the body... Enjoy your time away xxx 

  • Just catching up. I'm on my holibobs this week. Be happy that you got back out there and still running for more than 30 mins! Life does get in the way, its been the same for me lately but the difference is I want to get back out there and I'm frustrated that I've only been out once in almost 2 weeks, sounds like you're the same! The pre-c25k me would've cast yet another passing fad aside by now! Unfortunately my trainers didn't make the cut when it came to packing for this hol and I'm regretting that now but fully intintend on getting out on Sunday when we're home. Keep at it and the 10k will be within your grasp before you know it x

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