Couch to 5K


Finished this one today not too bad just managed the second 3 minutes. Seemed to have made my legs sore on the walks I have done on the weekend on my "rest" days.

I was trying to keep up a good speed but with no treadmill it isn't accurate and walked for over an hour both days with no slowing. What do other people do on their rest days. Last time I did the program I used to just potter around the house, but I have set myself a challenge to walk over a 1,000 miles this year so need to get out most days.


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Well done you x

Yoga, swimming, cycling, strength and flex.. walking, pushing small grandchild in pram for miles...cross trainer work for stamina and core strength... whatever we fancy and however the mood or weather takes us... :) You take your pick to suit your lifestyle :)

I am just moving off the IC and at the moment, it is the cross trainer and loads of a bit of yoga... hoping for a small jogette tomorrow... weather permitting.. :)

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You can do what you want on non-run days - walk, cycle, swim, zumba, yoga, pilates, gardening, home or gym based workouts (I use Jillian Michaels exercise DVD's) etc etc. Just generally try and do something, and keep moving.

I borrow a dog! We have lots of adventures!


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