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Shin pain?

Hi, I'm a newbie runner and C25Ker, I just did W1R2 today 😊 I'm really enjoying it so far, it's been challenging but not TOO hard (yet). The only problem is that I get pain up my shins (mostly in my right leg) when I run. It's not bad enough to have to stop but it might be a problem later on. Anyone got any advice or ideas about what might cause it?

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Congratulations for starting the plan! You'll get various bits of your body complaining to the management for the first few weeks - you're waking up all sorts of muscles that haven't worked in a while, and shaking up your system. If it's still there after that period, it may be that your shoes aren't right for you, or that you are striking the ground with your heel (which can give you shin splints). I'd wait and see, I think it'll end up going away of its own accord. Enjoy your running, and don't be tempted to leave out the rest days (you can always leave and extra day if it still hurts).


I suffered terribly in the early weeks with both shins and calves. People told me it would go and I didn't believe a word. But it did! I did find that drinking more water helped and also slowing down. I seriously do believe that although in the early stages, we think we're going at a snails pace, we always have a slower gear (and it's amazing when you find it). Good luck with your next runs. Take things nice and slow :)

Oh and as a last resort, Ibuprofen gel helps too!


Dear ejones

I am new here but have a bit of experience with injuries as a nurse and mom of athletic kids. :) I would just watch how your body is responding to see if this reduces over time or is getting worse. If it is shin splints and gets bad enough, it can shut your exercise program down so you were wise to ask for input.

There are many variables when starting to get the body in shape so reading a good article like the one below to learn more can be a start. The more out of shape one is and/or the more weight is exerting force on the shin bones and muscles the more gently you would want to introduce exercise until some muscle strength is built.

Make sure you have good supportive shoes. If you have flat feet you will be more prone to shin splints and will want to ask someone who is more of an expert than I what to do about that. I am excited to start here as well.

All the best,


See here also for more into:


Welcome and well done for getting started!! It's great that you're enjoying it. Keep at it and you'll be a runner soon! :)

I used to suffer with shin pain at the beginning of the programme. It eased up since I stretched my calves out - they used to be very tight but aren't so bad now they've have got used to the running. Slowing down like McFitty said should help, try to avoid hills if you're not already and make sure you're running on even ground instead of on a slope or camber. Proper running shoes which suit your running style will help too. I definitely recommend a gait analysis once you're running consistently as the right shoes can really help to avoid injury.

The forum is the best place on the internet, full of amazing, inspirational people. Let us know how you're getting on so that we can give you a nudge when you need it and celebrate how well you're doing! :)


Thanks everyone 😊 I'm used to being on my feet all day and having read that link I don't think it's shin splints, I think it's just a case of getting used to putting that kind of force on my legs and also investing in some new trainers (the ones I have are old and not really designed for running I think)


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