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Shin pain!


I’ve just started week 6, and am struggling with shin pain, just on my right leg.

I’ve been out today and had gait analysis and bought new trainers to help. I think I’ll drop down to a long walk for a week or so to give my shins time to rest, and then drop back to maybe week 4/5 and start to build up again from there. Does that sound like a good plan? Has anyone else suffered with anything similar? TIA! x

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Yes i got it on my right shin at week 7 a real killer ! Very sore after i stoppedrunning. I found ice for about 10 minutes everyfew hours but above alli foundrunning on grasss ( if possible) managed to calm it down and almost vanished

Some people say tigh laces not strecthing etcbut i found hard surfaces the main cause for me


Thank you!


Do you get it while running or afterwards? Are you stretching before and after your run and doing the warm up sections?


After about 10 minutes of running and yes, am following the plan 100%


Quite common to get shin splints when first starting out running. I believe that it is simply your legs telling you that they are not happy for you to be doing this thing called running for the very first time in 20+ years!! So - have a rest, run easily and slowly , run as quietly/silently as you can (nobody should be able to hear your footsteps when running) and continue with the programme .

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It is the jarring causing the problem so, as others have said, slow down, keep your footstrike under your body, not in front and touch the ground as lightly as possible.


Thank you all! I’ll give the suggestions a try!


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