Couch to 5K

W4R1 - sorry you got left behind Laura

It wasn't you're fault - but the gremlins must have hidden my headphones as I couldn't find them anywhere. With the aid of mapometer and calculating roughly my walking speed and running speed for W3 runs, I planned what I thought would be a walk/run as close to W4 schedule as possible.

Weather was a balmy 4 degrees, so no frost or ice on the pavement which was a relief. The first 3 min jog was easy and I much preferred the shorter walk afterwards although towards the end of the first five minute jog I was ready for the walking segment. The second half seemed easier - possibly because I didn't get so cold on the walking parts. I also chose a different route today and I think the footpaths were a better surface to run on than the usual uneven pavements.

Be interesting to see how I get on with Laura for timed W4 run - assuming I can find my headphones!

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Well done! Those gremlins tried to distract you by taking away your headphones, hit you didn't let that stop you. You're invincible! :D

Onward to the next one... :)


Good for you! I didn't have Laura with me on any of my C25k runs as my then phone wasn't smart enough to have the app. I just noted the plan for that run down on a scrap of paper and used my watch. So it IS possible but not ideal. Hope you have phone and earphones next time!


You must find them, for no other reason than the comment at the end... (see my earlier post if you want a spoiler!)


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