Couch to 5K

Week 5 Day 1

Full of cold virus and with a head that felt like it had been hollowed out, I still put on my running kit and shoes, despite Goblin Cecelia's insistent tapping on my head trying to draw my attention to the sofa and my copy of Five Go Gluten-Free, I had Hubby-to-Be drop me off at the park.

Compared to last week the 5minute runs more or less sailed past, much to my amazement, despite Cecelia's resetting the day to the beginning twice in an effort to make me give up. But I am spurred on by both a 6lb weight loss, the thought of my wedding day and, much nearer, the thought of the medal I'm going to get when I complete the Rainbow Run Wales in April (which raises money for a Welsh children's hospice - it's for the kiddies. Think of the kiddies)

On another note, Hubby-to-Be seems to be enjoying his Gym sessions and I'm very proud of him for finishing his first week of them.

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Well done, cold and all.

I like the fact the 5 minute runs sailed past. Wk 5 is a great week and marks that after day 1 you are now halfway to graduation.

Keep up the good work.


Well done on ignoring the gremlins and heading out with a cold - and congratulations on your weight loss and impending wedding day!


Well done - sometimes getting the kit on can be the hardest part. As you've rightly recognised, it really does get easier. The distances that once were hard (like those initial 60 and 90 second runs) become so easy once you're running for 10, 20, 30 minutes... (and beyond)! It's lovely you've got some great goals to aim for too. Keep at it. :)


Great job! Well done for not being put off by your cold (but do listen to your body as it needs rest to recover too!) - sounds like a good'un all round :)


Well done, As they say over half way and past the point of no return.

Onwards and upwards.


Well done! Especially with a cold, you did very well. Congratulations on your weight loss and forthcoming wedding. I hope you are not going to be a 'runaway bride' like in the film!! ;)


I'd never run away from my groom. Lol. And thanks 😀

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