What weight loss have you experienced?

Hello, I'm in week 2 of C25K and I was wondering what changes people have seen in their bodies over the course of the program and beyond?

I understand to lose weight the best way is to combine running with a healthier diet - which unfortunately is the part I'm finding the hardest!

I was wondering if anyone has success stories of losing weight?


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  • Weight loss from running is a bit of a difficult subject - it varies a lot between people and there are a lot of factors at play.

    Quite often people don't lose a lot of weight to start with from running alone. You have to run for quite a long period before the calorie loss really starts to stack up. There are also contrary issues like the fact that running can make you feel hungry and also it will tend to increase your muscle & bone density, make you carry more glycogen stores and maybe more water too.

    On the plus side, even if you don't lose any weight there are "changes in their bodies" which are very positive and most people do see from running. I didn't lose any weight in the first year of running (I wasn't doing it to lose weight so that didn't worry me), but I did lose some of the fat from around my middle. I weighed the same but I was carrying more of it as useful things like muscle and bone and less as fat. I'm also much fitter and stronger than I was when I started and that makes life in general much easier. This year I have lost a little weight, partially by running longer (once you can run for an hour or two at a time then the calories really do add up) and also by having more "good" food at hand so that if I snack I do so more on healthy things.

    Running can certainly help with weight loss but really that only applies if you are also watching what you eat. That doesn't mean that you have to live off lentils and beanshoots, but try to cut down on take-aways, sub a bit of fruit for a chocolate bar etc and you will have much more success than with running alone.

    Well done starting c25k - stick with it and it will make much more difference than you expect. But don't be downhearted if that doesn't immediately translate to dramatic weightloss without a bit of diet watching too.

    Good luck!


  • Good response, very interesting!

  • This is spot on advice!

  • I haven't lost any weight in running over a year, but I wasn't aiming to. However my thick swimmer's calves now taper a bit so that you can see the suggestion of an ankle :). And I'm so much fitter - it propels you into other fitness (I'm using the weights at the gym now to support my running) as well as I feel like eating better.

  • I haven't lost any weight but my husband now calls me 'Buns of steel'!

  • Love it!

    Now, you see, that's exactly the type of benefit that running gives above and beyond any weight loss!

  • My husband loves my improved shape, wearing clothes that didn't fit before and feel great!! Weight loss slowed now but happier being a runner than just a dieter

  • I started with counting calories (using My Fitness Pal) and then began C25K as well. Weight loss was at first good and lost 17 lbs but since running, weight loss slowed. Still lost 20 lbs. shape is great now but still need to lose 14 lbs and shows no sign of going. Still, happier, healthier, more confident, meeting great people and feel great! Graduated now and still running 😊

  • The C25K won't really give you weight loss in fact for the first 6 weeks or so it actually reduced my weight loss, The couch potato's at my slimming world group carried on losing weight while I running, lost very little. My leader said it was something to do with our bodies holding onto water. I have definitely toned up and am happy to be a size 10 now ! I am running 10k now so hoping for some running weight loss ! Good luck ! :)

  • This is the type of thing that seems to be common - you can run and stay the same weight but still drop a dress size! That doesn't mean that the running didn't work - it means that there are more important factors than purely weight. Well done on both!

  • It depends very much from one person to the next - I agree with Ugi's analysis.

    My experience of the effect of C25K and running is that the weight dropped off. I didn't need to lose any weight when I started out on C25K in February, but as I didn't take any exercise previously, it had an immediate effect on my weight (along with giving up alcohol, which provided a fair amount of "empty calories"). Result: Loss of just over 2 stone to date, and a much more toned body. I'm now fighting to stop any more dropping off as I'm not far from being underweight now.

  • Just as Mfam says it really depends on the individual.

    I haven't lost an ounce of weight but my body shape has changed & I've toned up enough to have come down a dress size. Having said that, there's alot more toning that could be achieved! ☺

  • During the course of the programme you are not doing significant enough duration of exercise to cause weight loss in and of itself. It's more a stepping stone to becoming fit enough to do the volume of exercise that will help over time. Once you embrace a more active lifestyle however, you may find it influences what you want to eat though. After a run or a workout I have no desire at all to eat anything stodgy or heavy. I crave water and fresh veg etc, and getting up every morning to run or workout is a strong incentive not to drink wine the night before.

    I lost a couple of stone fairly quickly after starting exercise etc, and another half stone or so after that which fluctuates up and down. I could probaby do with getting another hlf stone off to hit my bodyfat target of 11%.

    If you want to burn fat quickly through exercise, keep at the running, and add some HIIT exercise - spin at the gym or one of those programmes like Insanity etc. My new favourite is a guy I found on You Tube called Millionaire Hoy (hisreal name apparently), who has loads of different workout programmes for fat burn, strength builiding, stamina etc, and the best thing is: completely free, gratis and fer nothin'...


  • I lost half a stone while doing c25k and still losing it. Just lost 2lb in 2 weeks.

    I'm not on any special diet, like a beer & wine at the weekend, and a healthy snack when feeling hungry, but moderations the word, I watch the fats & sugars, but like a piece of cake & chocolate sometimes, again in moderation. What I've noticed is really beneficial for me regarding weight loss is to drink plenty of water, 3-4 pints a day.

    When I went abroad on holiday while on the plan I was eating & drinking very well, but when I came home found I hadn't gained any weight, but actually had lost a small amount, and I hadn't run much as it was so hot. My metabolism seems to have changed since I started running, so it does vary individually, running usually 3 times a week 5km is really good for me in controlling weight.

  • I started and used MFP to lose weight, and I did! However that was 2 years ago and I am back on it again!! It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking you can eat whatever you want but there is a limit. My body is completely different now, I have firm thighs and a firm bum - which I never had before running!!

  • I've lost a stone since I started running

    I lost 3 st 7 lbs before I started running

    4 stone 7 pounds shifted in total. Kept it off for five years

    It's no good running but then shovelling food in. It's got to be a healthy diet. You have to be prepared to change!

  • Never dieted in my life but have always eaten a (reasonably) sensible diet. Like most people my weight had gradually crept up over the years and the weight gain accelerated with the menopause to the point where I was feeling stodgy and sleepy and this was reducing the amount of exercise I took and creating a vicious circle. I started C25K in January and at the same time increased other activity - swimming, walking, weights etc. No dieting, but still being sensible. I have never had any interest in junk food or fizzy drinks or the like. In 10 months of my exercise regime I have lost over a stone and also changed shape. The only bits of me that have grown are my calves and my shoulders (latter from swimming). I think more weight will come off over time through continued exercise without needing to 'diet'. I could presumably accelerate weight loss by counting calories but I believe what I am doing is a sustainable solution to improving my health. I think whatever you do, don't go down the crash faddy diet route - denial is never sustainable.

  • I have lost 1 stone 7 lbs from June till now, I watch what I eat now and how much of it. Still 1 more stone to go. As said above thats the way to go.

  • Look at inches loss not weight that may be a better way of thinking about it. Running is good for changing the way your body looks.

  • In my case Isabele, hubby recon my legs look better. πŸ˜„

    I did the 12 week weight loss program and did well. I don't think it was the running which made me loose weight, it firmed me up instead. Tighten up my body. Re-arrange it. 🐰

  • I did lose weight when I did the 9 week programme. I lost about 8 kgs by just cutting all my portions sizes in half for the less healthy foods and increasing my 5 a day portions and drinking lots more water. I might have been lucky because running made me feel less like eating. Another trick I used at the same time was to wear a belt and not allow myself to unloosen it at any point in the day. I spent a lot of time sucking in my stomach though! When the belt got loose I'd move down a notch. I spent a lot of time sucking in my stomach though!

  • I've definitely noticed changes in my body- my waist is more toned, I have definition in my shoulders which is really weird!! I started c25k about three months into losing weight, I think it has made me fitter and helped my metabolism. Since January I've lost 12lbs (I'm fluctuating on the last two pounds of that stone!) and I do think the running has helped. Now I think I don't put on weight quite as quickly as I did before which must be something to do with general fitness. I'm also drinking more water which helps I think. Good luck with the programme!

  • I've still got a little pot belly. I think the calories i use running are counteracted by the fact i gave up smoking and have substituted snacking into the equation :) . I'm definitely feeling healthier tho.

  • I started c25k about 2 months after I started doing weight watchers in May. I've lost 4 stone now combining the two (since graduating I have done 3 5k runs a week), but my body shape is also very different from when I was last at this weight - frankly, my a**e looks great! My waist is also a lot more toned. I also think it would have been much harder to lose the weight without the running.

  • Not to be a bummer, but sometimes with running you just don't lose weight. With running you are burning about 100 calories per mile. So throughout the couch to 5k you aren't burning that many calories. However, with a change in diet those extra calories burned do matter. The further you can progress in mileage the more calories you will burn. I never really lose weight from running, but I can say my body has changed. The weight I am I was in college but I wear a smaller size then I did back then. My legs are much more toned. This is coming from a person who runs consistently for a few months then stops then starts again. If you keep it up consistently, I think you will be pleasantly surprised on how your body changes but that number might not always be evident on the scale.

  • I hoped I might lose a little once I was consistently running 30 mins 3 times a week but unfortunately not. Diet not great - but never was - but did think burning an extra 1500 cals per week would make some difference but I've stayed the same

    Daresn't stop now - as worried if I do it'll climb up again :)

    I think to really lose - the diet needs to change - maybe after Christmas.....

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