Things I have bought for running and never used

Apart from all the clothing, there are so many things out there for runners. In my (big) box of running gear I have an LED headlamp and compression socks which I have never used. What have you bought that you never or hardly ever use? I am about to add to my list I think with pull-on shoe tracks for running in icy and snowy conditions. I hope I'm not the only one!


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  • Headbands that cover my ears. I've bought three of them In Different colours but just can't bring myself to wear them over my headphones. I'd rather have cold ears, my headphones are the round over the ear Bluetooth ones and they tend to keep my ears a little warm. So my headbands sit there never been wornโ˜น๏ธ.

  • That sounds like me, buying 3 pairs but not actually wearing them! When I first skulked outdoors to do the C25K, I was kitted out top to toe in black, hoping to make myself invisible, so I grabbed an old black knitted hat of my husband's. It is really very old. I think he wore it to play football in when at school and he's 52 now, so we are talking almost antique here. I still wear it but the rest of my running wardrobe exploded into technicolour a long time ago. Because it is so old it is very stretchy and would probably even fit over your headphones, though you'd look a bit odd with lumpy protrubances on your head.

  • Ooooh i love my fleece headband trouble is it now resides in london with my daughter..... ive just ordered a new one from mountain warehouse in their free delivery offer. My bluetooth earphones are in-ear so the band keeps them snug๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  • Hehe I look like a cyberman from doctor who at the best of times with my earphones but I can't change them they are just so comfy and I can change the song just by clicking a button. I bought them three years ago for ยฃ14 and they are still going strong.

  • Often the things that turn out to be really useful aren't the things we spent tons of money on. Those tend to be the things we rarely if ever use (judging by my wardrobe at least!)

  • Yes jacks w my head bands do the trick

  • That's true, when your ears are covered, you never have to worry about earphones falling out. I was expecting to have a problem with that in summer but they stayed put anyway - weird shaped inner ears perhaps

  • I love my headbands over my ears ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I sometimes get hot and take my hat off after I've been running for a while but I soon notice the difference. Not now with temperatures reaching minus 10 though. The hat stays on! Definitely like to have my ears covered.

  • Waterproof running socks.,..cant bring myself to use them even though they were quite expensive ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

    Try those compression socks particularly on your long runs, Im a convert!

  • Oh ok then I'll give them a bash but after I'd bought them, someone on here told me they are not for actually wearing during the run but you are supposed to put them on afterwards. I should really at least try them out. I'd never even heard of waterproof socks before. Very interesting ๐Ÿ˜

  • You can use them for both reasons, but i feel they have helped get rid of my calf twinges when used for long runs. You can also use on planes๐Ÿ˜

  • You've talked me into it ๐Ÿ˜

  • I used to wear them on my longer runs and also had a clean pair in my bag to put on straight after an event to help with recovery.

  • Last year Lidl had a special on heart rate monitors. I was going to use it from my graduation run onwards. I had one practice go...

    After all the faff trying to switch the watch from one mode to another, moistening the contacts on the chest band, let alone trying to get it done up, the one practice go was the only outing it got ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Oh goodness new fangled technical wotnots! They always sound so good - and probably are but I know I never bother using them. I am always being given things for the kitchen but I really never use them (egg cooker for instance) I just sling my eggs (well not literally sling) into a pan to boil them but I have quite a few appliances of this type now. The thought was kind but really you don't need half these things

  • I've got drawers & cupboards full of Lidl & Aldi "specials", which all felt like a good idea at the time.....๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Me too... worst is a dreadful sports bra!!!

  • I don't bother with mine either McFitty

    I bought a cheap Aldi fleece neck warmer. Never worn that for running ๐Ÿ˜€ Also an Aldi half zip running fleece, which is way too hot to run in. Nothing expensive though fortunately. I didn't buy the HRM fortunately ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I have a thin fleece buff and I wear it all the time if I run in autumn and winter.

  • An armband to hold my phone. Used it once, but prefer the flipbelt. At least it was cheap out of TK Maxx!!!

  • I thought about getting one of those too (of course).

  • Not heard of a flipbelt, maybe I should investigate..

  • It's my favourite piece of non garment kit! I love it - holds everything I need, but I don't even notice it.

  • Just googled it and looks ideal - the armband was too big for me but this looks overall better suited.. but bit expensive :-o

  • That's what I thought too & didn't buy it the first time I saw it. But then after I didn't like the armband, I bought it on impulse & immediately fell in love with it๐Ÿ˜€

    Now I wouldn't go out without it!

  • I'm going to have to go and look at one now I've seen it, hoping I can fit my phone in the cheaper one!

  • I have one and use it every time I run. I can fit in my smart phone but not much else. Usually I keep my keys in it.once it is on, I never notice it is there

  • Do you have the cheaper or deeper one?? My phone is quite big..

  • half price on Amazon today, I've just ordered one

  • I can't find a link for the half price flip belt?? Can only see the Moko ones

  • If I were you, I'd go for this one:

    It's much cheaper & holds a big phone. As I say mine was an impulse buy in the running shop. But if I'd researched it, I probably would have bought the cheaper one.

  • It's the regular one I think. It seems to be good quality but a cheaper version of the same should be fine too.

  • Actually I think mine is a spi belt. I wavered between the two but in the end I realised I needed one in hot pink ๐Ÿ˜

  • Will have a look at these options, wanted a blue one but maybe black too.. might try the cheaper one for starters. Ah just seen the smallest size in the cheaper one doesn't go as small as the flip belt.. though I'm not sure if I want it round my waist or a bit lower on the hips??

  • Mine sits on my waist, on the waistband of my running leggings.

  • Would you kindly post a pic of it please? I want one too!

  • Also use a flip belt, but only when it's warmer. Otherwise everything goes in jacket pockets.

  • Female kit rarely has the necessary pockets, an issue with womens clothing in general. So i bought this which i wear in my front. Holds my keys, rather large samsung phone and a few spare doggy bags.

  • I agree men's running gear is much more practical.

  • Which is why I buy men's outdoor jackets & running tops. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Mmm, that looks interesting thanks for posting the link dipdab

  • I have blindingly fluorescent yellow waterproof jacket that I have had for over a year and never worn. I was actually going to wear it today (it was tonking it down) but could't find it!

    I also have a compression top which Houdini would have trouble getting in/out of which hasn't seen the light of day since the first time I tried to wear it.

  • The waterproof jacket could be very handy! The compression top sounds like something for advanced runners/contortionists. What is it for?

  • Compression tops (and bottoms) are supposed to help with circulation (and recovery), Bop but for amateurs like us they are mostly just an effective way of keeping warm in cold weather.

  • Oh thanks.

  • Turn the lights off and use a torch!

  • Ha ha great minds:)


    That could be your warmup, trying to get into it!

    How do you lose a "blindingly fluorescent yellow jacket"?! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Maybe you need to look for it in the dark with a torch? ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ”ฆ

  • It is quite possible that it has found its way into the loft in a storage bag :(

  • Running gloves. They are so warm I can't keep them on more than about 5 minutes! That said it's been so cold this year I'm going to give them another go next time I go out!

  • I've been wearing my running gloves but tend to take them off and stuff them in a pocket after a bit. Gives you an attractive side bulge. For me it is too nippy in the mornings to completely go without them though.

  • Might be worth trying wrist bands, they warm the blood into the hands but obviously cause no ventilation issues.

  • Hehe we should have a swap shop, of all our unwanted items.

  • You're right!๐Ÿ˜

  • That sounds like an excellent idea!

  • Well if anyone wants an armband for a J3 they can have it, I only paid a couple of quid at least but it's useless to me!

  • The only thing I don't use much is my armband for my phone. My Dad did give me a jacket but it was only showerproof and I was wet through in 5 minutes.

    Cycling is however, another matter - I have bought/been given three sets of bottoms and four tops and have yet to use any of it....

  • You should have a rummage round in Dundar's loft!

  • An armband for my mobile, my arm is too small! I figure I won't use my phone once I've completed the programme anyway so was waste of time buying it at all..

  • You might still use your phone for music or for a running app.

  • And there's the personal security factor too.

  • Yep guess the security is a good thing, I've not got any music on there.. but now I've seen the belt ^^ I'll probably switch to that and carry it.

  • I think the only thing I have which I don't use at all at the moment is the hands-free dog lead. I would like to run with Fluffball, but the last couple of times I tried she just planted her furry bottom on the pavement when I started running so I've given up taking her!

  • Haha Fluffball, the little madam! Thought dogs were supposed to be desperate to run.

  • Those hands free dog leads are great with a well behaved dog, but I have to keep one hand on the lead in case my Springer suddenly dashes after a bird or sheep!!

  • Not a good prospect, no! Fluffball is about 15kg of stubborn, so when she decides she's not moving, she's very clear about it!

  • Aw bless ๐Ÿ˜„

    I had one if those armbands for my MP3 player but it just kept slipping down

  • Loads.... a magnetic bum bag that fell off on its first outing, knickers that were rubbish, tops and trousers that were awful, a hat that makes me look like a big tit, energy bars that tasted like sh*t.... I could go on and on!!!!!

  • It is hard not to keep buying things for your favourite hobby! I have loads already but I still look at running gear if it is on offer. The worst thing I've bought were a couple of t-shirts which are supposed to keep you dry as you exercise, like most sportswear these days - but they don't. I could feel the sweat run down my back as I ran which was just gross and my back was sweat coated when I got in. Actually what do I still have them for? Talk about useless. They weren't expensive but not really cheap either. Could have just draped myself in clingfilm and run in that, would have felt about the same!

  • I have one of those hats too, which I'm forced to wear at the moment, after I left my non-look-like-a-tit hat in my bf's car. Jeez....

  • I have a limited selection of gear so use it all the time but knickers are tricky, a couple of styles I have bought for running in were very uncomfortable - say no more!!

  • I've never looked into special knickers for running to be honest, just wear my normal ones but they are seamless anyway.

  • My arm band holder for my phone... kept falling down my skinny arms and I could not get it to function properly...plastic front too thick for the buttons on my phone to work!

    Best buy.. my Buffs.. I have three, two were pressies, and have just found if I tuck it under my hat at the back, no drips and no draughts !

    Love them! thanks to Ullyrunner who put me on to them when I was so cold and wet during my C25K nine weeks!!! xx

  • Always use my buff in cold weather. I have to be careful with my throat though if I want to sing. I just have one for running and another I wear out and about in place of a scarf. They're very useful in my opinion.

  • So true..I even have a posh one..for best! ๐Ÿ˜‹

  • I bought some bone conduction headphones because they were allowed in the first race I did and I didn't think I could run without music. There's nothing wrong with them really but theres a bit more faff putting them on and off than in ear ones so I've never used them much and found I prefer doing races without music anyway. I might try them again sometime๐Ÿ˜. My worst buy was an armband for my phone that chafed my arm something rotten and then fell to bits!! I then bought a much cheaper one in sports direct which has been absolutely fine. I've also got a running vest which I thought would be cooler than a t shirt in hot weather but is made of such thick close fitting material it's actually much hotter๐Ÿ˜…

  • There is so much out there for runners, isn't there? I had never even heard of those earphones

  • They are a good idea. They rest just in front of your ears so the music is played through your cheekbones but you can still hear what's going on around you. I play music quietly through my in ear phones though so I still hear stuff.

  • I bought a mini hand roller/ massage thing from Decathlon but always forget to use it.

    Happily, a hi-viz cycling jacket that cost ยฃ60 years ago and was hardly ever used has been recycled into a winter running jacket.

    It has loads of pockets for phone, keys, inhaler, and hat and gloves when I get too hot. After the summer months of carrying stuff in my hands (or bra) during runs, it's brilliant!

    So glad I found a use for it as wasting ยฃ60 was really ticking me off.

    I rarely cycle since moving to a flat which has no space to store my bike.

  • Sometimes you lose track of what you own too. That reminds me it is time I cleaned out the closet. There are so many things in there I no longer wear and it is bursting at the seams, mainly because I have things in there that I want to fit back into one day. Well done finding a new use for your cycling jacket ๐Ÿ˜Š I just have a high visibility vest and I do use it quite a bit but at the moment I'm not cycling due to all the ice. I was planning to cycle tomorrow though and see how it goes though as I've been missing it.

  • You know, Bop, you are giving me an itch to go cycling again. Especially since I spent ยฃ60 on that jacket.

  • No need for blusher if you cycle in the cold!

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