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Completed W1R2 yesterday in what can only be described as the coldest run I have ever done in my life.

Decided on the drive home from University that i would be doing the run no matter what the weather was doing, As i was driving down the motorway the snow hit.

I was so close to throwing in the towel and thinking I could just sit in the warmth and enjoy a nice night in infront of the fire.

Well cut a long story short. W1 R2 complete and looking forward to an early run Saturday Morning!

Quick question, does anybody notice any significant weight loss while doing this programme? I know the aim of this is to get fitter but during the training does anyone notice the scales number getting smaller?

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You have to stick at it, not eat more than the calories you are burning off, and you will lose weight. Running regularly certainly helps speed up your digestion and hopefully will improve your diet as you become keen to do everything to get fitter. Walking more and being more active in general will, help your weight loss but it's not a quick fix, you have to commit ☺


Since the turn of the year I have been dieting strictly and walking 4 miles a day, as of Tuesday this week i decided to start the couch to 5k programme to split it up so this week I have completed

Monday - 4 mile walk

Tuesday - W1 R1

Wednesday - Night Off

Thursday W1 R2

Friday - 4 Mile walk

Saturday W1 R3

Will repeat this programme until i've completed the Cto5k programme.

Just thinking if the programme will go hand in hand with the exercise and diet


Well done on getting out there in the cold... brilliant, that it didn't put you off, great decision to do it whatever the weather.... and you now know the weather shouldn't really put you off... because you did it.. :-)

With regard to weight loss, I wouldn't expect running to make as much difference as making changes to your diet. Obviously, It will help as you will be burning more calories than before. But I think the numbers are that generally weight loss is 70% due to dietary changes and 30% due to increased activity/exercise.

However, I think a commitment to and enjoying running is a big step towards an overall healthier life style. I think the positivity of doing something challenging and physical helps with keeping you on the straight and narrow diet wise. Can't put my finger on exactly why, but running improves your sense of esteem and mood for a number of reasons - so (again for me) I think I'm now less inclined to use food to feel good. But some chocolate and cake (preferably combined) is still great... :-)

I started off wanting to lose weight and changing my eating habits - this lead to C25K and my three runs a week. Now they go hand in hand for me.

Good luck on Saturday... whatever the weather :-)

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Well done - glad you made it safely through the cold weather and didn't get ambushed by any ice and slippery patches!

As the others have already said, the C25K plan in itself won't bring about big weight loss - but as part of a healthier lifestyle, it's incredibly beneficial in numerous ways :)

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Well done for getting out in that weather!! It makes you feel even prouder at the end of your run doesn't it :)


Running i the best way I know of staying slim 😊 Combined with healthy eating of course.

Losing appreciable amounts of weight takes time, but combining it with exercise will get you to goal quicker. Don't go without though. You need enough of the right foods to stay healthy and support your running and any other exercise 😊


, cycling, swimming, walking, dancing all helps ☺


Hi Yamyam, I'm a pretty new C25K starter as well, but on that weight loss stuff I'm approaching being a "graduate". I've lost 36 lbs so far, BUT it's since February 2016 - it takes time, care with what you eat and a bit of self-discipline, but it's not as hard as it sounds. Try looking at an app called MyFitnessPal, it's wonderful. It has let me record everything I eat for nearly a year now, it's told me the calories, nagged if I was overeating or undereating (yes, it's perfectly possible and as well as being bad for you it can also stop the weight loss if you do) but most of all it has thankfully allowed me not to have a "diet" (that I know I wouldn't have stuck to). My eating habits have now - after many months - completely changed .... for example if someone had told me last February that I would have pre-prepared fruit in the fridge to eat in case I needed a snack I would have thought they were hallucinating! I now look at calories and nutrition on all the food I buy. Losing weight doesn't have to be spartan, for example (as is my way some days but not every day) I even build in the odd glass or two and a comforting dessert.

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Well done! Feels great when you beat those gremlins and get out there after resigning yourself to staying in on the couch.

I was really disheartened a towards the end of the programme to find I'd actually put on weight! Once I thought about it properly and remembered how much I now enjoyed running and how much fitter and healthier I was! The number doesn't necessarily change (not until you're running much longer distances I've been told) but you may feel and look slimmer.

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