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Knee Pain - So frustrated

I started the couch to 5k the week before Christmas and was really pleased with my progress . Then on W3R1 my inner knee started to hurt ( that was on Jan 2nd) since then even if I only run for 20 seconds my knee flares up and hurts for days after. In fact it has vernoainful to walk on every day.

I am so frustrated as I really wanted to become a runner but am afraid it will never happen now and I think I will have to start all over again if I can ever get my knee to stop hurting.

A big part of my frustration is that I found I was really enjoying it and felt so energised after .

I have been foam rolling and had a sports massage but the pain doesn't seem to be going away.

Any advice ?

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I feel your pain - literally! I am doing this as part of my rehab for a lower leg (Fibula) stress fracture (caused by ignoring extreme knee pain and jumping around doing circuit training). After having my leg immobilised for 5 weeks the resulting muscle weakness has uncovered some issues with my patella which I had previously got rid of through strengthening and balancing muscles and only noticed if I really overworked muscles to fatigue. You need a correct medical diagnosis to figure out what's going on and maybe physio to get some specific knee strengthening exercises. I have physio and a GP gym referral where I get cheaper gym membership for 10 weeks and a programme designed to strengthen all the supporting muscles in my leg along with non impact cardio on cross trainer.

Don't give up there's still loads you can do and it's a set back but if you get it right now it will be worth it 😀


Second vote here for consulting a physio. There is a lot you can correct with good advice and the right exercises - don't give up on a return to running just yet!

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Agreed with the other comments - see a sports physio if you can! Don't give up on running just yet (although definitely don't run on your leg until it's completely recovered). You could check with the doctor but in my experience doctors aren't always as sympathetic or as thorough with sports injuries as they should be. A physio will know exactly what's wrong, why it happened and how long it will take to heal. It might be an injury that needs a couple of months (I was out for around 10 weeks with an ankle tendon injury not long after graduating) but it will heal and you should be able to get back to the programme once it has. :)

Again, a physio should be able to tell you more but some knee strengthening exercises might help once you're injury free and also proper running shoes which suit your gait and give you the proper support/cushioning can make all the difference to some injuries. I would imagine it would be unusual for you to have a knee problem can stops you from running completely you may just have to be kind to them and treat them right while you do it. :)


Obviously, none of us is able to diagnose what the issue might be but the most common issue for new runners which leads to niggles/injury in unsuitable footwear.

Hope you heal up soon and get to the root of the issue.


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