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W4 shin pain

Hi guys. Any help great fully recived. W4 r1 went ok. R2 pain in left shin started after 5min run, I ended up walking the rest of the way round. Took a day off and went out again. Same thing happened but after the 1st 3 min run tried to carry on they the 5 min but ended up limping home. I'm pretty sure it's not shin splints as I had them a few years back when tried the c25k..

Great forum, I'm in most days reading posts

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Have you got proper shoes? And are you stretching? Well done on getting to week 4 btw 😊


Hi Irish. I hope there proper shoes. Being a nubi I had to rely on the salesman in sports direct. As for stretching I do the full 5 min brisk walk while jo Whiley give encouragement

I had no problems getting to week 4 and am thoroughly enjoying it .my wife too as we're running together

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Try these stretches too after every run


You could also get a foam roller to iron out tight muscles. It hurts but it really loosens everything up.

How brilliant that your wife and you are running together. Good luck to both of you.

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Good questions! I am thinking that if it is a shin pain, it is an impact injury so maybe need to recover first and then try some soft surface running until it is completely better


Hi Gemset.

Well done on your effort so far....

But sorry to hear about your calfs...

Firstly as IrishPrincess mentions, ensure you have proper running shoes. I have found that you are better off going to a dedicated small sports shop with runners rather than a stack em high flog them cheap place...

I have read several posts this week about shops looking at their gait/stride and advising accordingly; but they will charge more as they offer more of a service.

Also ensure you are stretching, especially after your run. I spend around ten minutes just stretching my legs, holding most stretches for a minimum of 30 seconds, (so 70 seconds for both legs)

If it continues I would advise to seek support from a medical professional, ideally a sports physio though you will probably have to pay.



I can only share my own experience. I developed mild shin pain after graduating and had a week off running! Injury would be a serious thing to face so I felt I needed to rest. The shin pain eased and disappeared. When I restarted running I would only run on soft ground, no paths at all and found it did not return. I now run mostly on hard surfaces and still fine


Thanks for the input everyone. I'll give it a rest for a while. Then go back to running in the woods instead of the road. On reflection it did start when we were road running, maybe the tarmac is just too hard for my old bones


I like wearing calf sleeves, the compression gives support..😊 well done! You2..👍


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