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W4R1: extremely hard

Ran through W4R1. Almost stopped in the middle of the last 5 minutes. I would stop if Laura didn't help me with her "It's half way, keep up!" Looks like this time I had all the troubles I ever had while running: lack of breath, sore calves, numb feet.

Two reasons why that happened I can see:

1. I didn't have rest between W3 and W4: ran Mon-Wed-Fri during W3 and started W4 on Sunday to switch on "Sun-Tue-Thu" schedule. Should I better have had some rest?

2. I only had breakfast of 80 grams of cereal with yogurt at 10AM, had no lunch and ran around 2PM. Had I a lack of energy to feed my muscles?

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Well done for pushing through and finishing the run.

At least you have established what the problems were so you can do them different next time.

Weekend runs tend to be harder for me than in the week. (I think it could be dehydration in my case).


Thanks, for support, Sarah! I didn't have such troubles running on weekends before. Though, dehydration might be the case for me today also.


What cereal did you eat? Not all cereals were born equal. Some are so lacking in fibre that you'd be better off eating the box! LOL

Always have your rest day? It's when running legs are built.

Never skip lunch. It's the law.

If you feel exhausted on a run then slow down, it buys you time and hopefully you will finish just fine

Never be hungry. It just results in fatigue. Eat well, eat healthy.

Love and peas

MissWobble x

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Miss Woble, thanks for the reply!

That's a local brand of cereal. It contains 27% of fiber (8.2 grams out of 40 in a portion), which I think is okay. Though I might follow your advice of eating the box :-)


Don't think too much about reasons for a hard run. Just concentrate on preparing well for it. Food shouldn't play a part in the early runs - you don't burn many calories, and your glycogen store will have plenty of energy. Better too little food in you than too much.

Make sure you've drunk plenty of water in the day before and on the run day (without creating a bladder problem!), be properly equipped with properly assessed running shoes and carry on - you'll find that the aches and pains will ease as the weeks go by.

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Hi Dimitry,

Ups and downs, good days and bad days :-) . it happens as you go through the programme.

Hope you find the good advice helps, but don't worry too much about down days, makes the 'up' days all the better.

Good luck!


Thanks, everybody! Will continue struggling and flying :-)


All good advice above, but nobody mentioned pace. If you are finding it difficult, it is probably because of your oxygen supply. Slow down, so breathing is easy and forget about flying, until your body is more efficient at supplying your needs.

Good luck


Today I was rather creeping than flying. Especially last 5. But thanks anyway :-)


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