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Girls Gone Wet and Wild (Mostly Wet)

Girls Gone Wet and Wild (Mostly Wet)

After a relatively dry week, today the heaven's opened and it threw it down all day. Now, being the (currently) dedicated new runner that I am, I spent my work day checking out of the windows, hoping against hope that if the rain didn't stop all together, it would at least ease off enough that I didn't get soaked through whilst running.

The rain seemed to stop when I was on the way home, so I eagerly got into my running kit and waited for Mam. In between that and her getting home, it started to throw it down again. But, because we're women dammit! (GRR! ESTROGEN!) we waited for it to calm down to a drizzle and set off.

As you can see from the photo, we've wound up looking like a pair of drowned rats because halfway through the run, it started bucketing down again, but we are triumphant in the face of finishing our second week. We've treated ourselves to a hot shower each and a low fat curry as a reward. (HTB a bit put out, that's his bright orange hoodie I 'borrowed' and got soaked in, but he's just happy I'm home and in one piece)

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Well done 🎉🎉🎉

You both look fab, I'm usually purple by the end( and that's w1!😂)

Glad you both had a laugh, just replied to your Mam, must be lovely doing it together 😀

Loved the bit about being women😂 I wonder if it's because we're really strong or really stubborn 🤔

Either way, we get the job done😀

Keep up the good work ladies👍


Simply lovely..well done you two!

I was out early..fine, but blinking freezing cold! Got wet,very wet, later, walking with small sproglet in her pram...Little mum was taking Christmas tree down. I was,after 4 1/2 miles..soaked. Small asleep..snug and warm ...the things we do for love..Bit like running really🙂

Beautiful photo too...x


What a bloody good effort tonight...well done and in the pouring blinkin ☔ are crazy proper runners ☺


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