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Wet and wild panthering

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I like to go on panthering adventures!! Yesturday I ran 8 miles in my local trail in the wind and rain and it was fab ❤️

🐳It was mostly running in a river

🦄I saw 2 gorgeous deer bounding across the trail

🌧The wind and rain made me feel so alive and free... It blew all of life's cobwebs away

🌊The thing about puddles is that you can never tell how deep they are... I ran into one and found it went up to my knees! I just waded through it giggling

☠On my return I was running up a steep track that goes to paintballing and a car crawled up behind me, wound his window down and said,' do you want a lift love' I just smiled and said, er no thanks,' - I'm never good at saying something clever back. White shiny car full of lads, I just said, 'tw** under my breath when they had gone!!!

🦁I had 3 candy kittens for fuel half way as a treat

📽I like to record my runs pictorially and post on Instagram, it's a great way of capturing the adventure- I would really recommend it.

On these runs I try not to focus on speed or distance and just enjoy the adventure. They are fairly hardcore as its trails and my elevation yesturday was about 800 feet. So it's great training territory without being boring.

Go have an adventure and enjoy your running

Happy panthering

Juicyju 💋

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ElsieW profile image

Oh wow I love this! You're energy wears me out when I read your adventures!

When you run through rivers and stuff and your feet get wet, do you ever get sore feet?

Keep on panthering! Awesome stuff!

Elsie xxx

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to ElsieW

Thankyou... And bizarrely my feet never get sore and I have never had blisters. I'm very used to having wet feet from the outset and I think my trail running shoes are designed to drain off the water!!! They never feel uncomfy - I thoroughly recommend it!!!!

Sandraj39 profile image

Oh Juicyju that looks like such good fun, although you'd definately lose me somewhere around the 6 mile mark (on a good day!) I also find myself giggling out loud as I wade through "puddles" of unknown depth! Love sharing my runs with the local wildlife too, it's always special when they cross your path🙂. Wasn't due to run today, but you know what...might pop out fora quick one later! Thanks for inspiring us, as always😀🏃🏻😀.

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to Sandraj39

I think you'd love my run, and it doesn't feel like 8 miles as the last two are downhill 👍 have fun today, and enjoy your run. im off out too shortly- same route 😀

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Sandraj39Graduate in reply to ju-ju-

Thanks for the inspiration - had a lovely muddy 5k trail run - shoes now stuffed with paper and drying out in kitchen! Have kept my last few runs a little shorter due to a niggly leg recently, but last two outings have felt great again. Enjoy your run again today - Superwoman!🙂

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Wow, that looks fun. Do you go on your own? Its definitely something to aim for, but I might walk it!

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This look fab JuJu, so much more fun than pavement pounding! Now I can run a bit further I'm finding trails just outside Cambridge centre - who would have guessed? They are only small but it's so nice to run off piste. Thinking of splashing out on some trail shoes- any advice? I have to run 3 or 4 KM on pavement to get there, so I'm thinking some sort of hybrid?

misswobble profile image

White shiny car! Crikey do you suppose they'd taken a wrong turn! LOL

Well done JU. That sounds and looks like an absolute blast! I got drenched yesterday too. That was from being hit by a wave from a passing 4 x 4 too. Grrr I was on the main road though. Huge puddles!

Good to be out though, even if it was peeing it down. I had to take my jacket off as I was too hot. When I put it back on again it was freezing. I thought I'd have a seizure. Ha ha

Great photos!! I've gone all cold just looking at those! Brrr!

Noaky12 profile image

Oh I love reading your posts JJ.

Wish I could find some trails like these close to me.

Happy Panthering! ☺

poppypug profile image

Looks fab Ju !

Yep, certainly blows away any cobwebs thats for sure ! :-) xxx

Looks beautiful and sounds amazing ☺

You must be mad JJ - it looks like the anti christ of all runs. I could possibly appreciate the surroundings on a nice summer evening. I don't get how people run in this rain stuff. Good post but i'm not a convert.

great photos sounds like a real adventure! :) well done juicyju you are fearless!

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