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Week 2 Nailed!

Week 2 Nailed!

Me & daughter soaking wet after completing Day 3 of week 2. We were already to go out this evening when the skies opened and it just threw it down! Disappointed doesn't even come close (never thought I'd say that :) ) Anyhow, the rain clouds must have taken pity on us because it slowed down to a light drizzle...hoorah! we thought and off we went. It was so much easier this time and the 90 seconds running just whizzed past, running through puddles, slipping on algae covered paths and trying to stay upright (we did) we got absolutely soaked & laughed all the way through the session. It was brilliant to arrive home feeling so energised and exhilarated. Can't wait to start week 3 but I think a visit to the running store to price up wet weather gear is on the cards.

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Well done, w3 smashed🎉🎉🎉

Lovely post😀 Sounds like you both had a great time, even in the rain.

Good luck for w4! 👍


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