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Happy New Year (nearly my runniversary)

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I just wanted to say a Happy New Year to you all!

A couple of days into January will be my runniversary and, like many of us, I'm reviewing my achievements for 2019 and my plans for 2020.

Last year I had a massive hill to climb... hugely unfit and overweight, I'd stopped most of my social activities and was turning into a hermit.

Now I don't recognise that person, and people I've not seen since last Christmas hardly recognise me. I only made a couple of small (but significant) changes to my life, one of which was running. I've had some ups and downs but I'm back to it now and re-gaining my fitness levels very fast (5km in 30:03 this morning isn't bad for someone who has been away for 3 months due to foot issues).

So, for those of you I know, I hope next year brings everything you desire.

And for those of you just starting out, never for a minute doubt that the simple, achievable actions laid out in C25k could change your life. Don't think of your destination... think only of your next step (perhaps quite literally).

Lots of love and trainers.


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SeeJillRun profile image

Happy New Year and happy runniversary! I wish you many happy miles in 2020 😊

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PianismGraduate in reply to SeeJillRun

Thank you. And you too! :)

Buddy34 profile image

I think you've found a new , happier healthier you.

Congratulations on your runniversary .

Happy New year and all the best for 2020. 🌝🌝👍👍

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PianismGraduate in reply to Buddy34

I most certainly have. :)

Oldfloss profile image

Huge congratulations on a fantastic achievement and Happy New Year to you.

Wishing you Health, Happiness and lots of running! Xx

ButtercupKid profile image

So proud of you ⭐️⭐️⭐️ A very happy and healthy new year to you x

Oldgirlruns profile image

Hi Pianism, I wondered where you’d gone! Happy New

Year to you too - and happy runniversary! This C25K lark is a strange thing isn’t it? It sends us out to do things we never thought were possible!

Jogunlikely profile image

Happy New Year x

Wishing you happy and injury free miles in 2020 xx

JonathanP profile image

Happy runniversary Pianism! Very glad your foot issues have resolved as demonstrated by that great time !👍

TailChaser profile image

Happy New Year Pianism. You have done amazingly, and you’ve not lost that much fitness - I did precisely the same time as you on Saturday 😂. This running thing is wonderful isn’t it? Happy runniversary and hope we are able to run together again in 2020 👏👏👏🥂

Happy runniversary Pianism 🎂. That's a super time. Welcome back. What a great year, well done! Hope to see you on a run soon.

Katnap profile image

Thanks Pianism! Happy New Year to you too!

🎉🐱 Katnap 🐱🎉

Happy New Year and runniversary!

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