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Running with daughter

We managed it at last! Ran together on Boxing Day and yesterday. Boxing Day was a shortish run, about 4k and I had to stop because my knee hurt (it doesn't usually). I felt I was holding her back but she kept at my pace.

It's odd running with someone when you always run alone (apart from my.2 Parkruns when I didn't talk to anyone). Having a conversation while running is weird - but nice!

Daughter is 23 and very fit and doing a half marathon in March. I am not. Yesterday we ran 5k together then she went on to do 10k in total.

Frosty still in parts even at 3pm yesterday. Felt icy in places. Started off with fleece headband, buff (these both came off pretty quickly) and lovely new running gloves that daughter gave me.

I also wore another Christmas present, a Garmin forerunner 10 - I asked for the basic one as it will be more than I need. I was really impressed with the display when I connected it to the laptop. I think this will really help to motivate me. Also, no more finding out after a run (when mapping it) that I ran 60 metres short of 5k!

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How lovely to run with your daughter!

Enjoy the Forerunner - but don't get hung up on the stats - what's 60 metres between friends?


Very true - really it's all about the enjoyment isn't it?


Ooh Santa's been busy with his Garmin distribution :) and what a lovely first outing with your daughter. I always usually run alone too and my first run with company was with my son and I have to agree it's wonderful but also strange, particularly having a conversation while running. I'll be running with my son again in March and can't wait. Hope you get to enjoy more runs with your daughter :)


Thanks McF, won't be for a while I think.

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