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Well I've been trying for the last couple of months to get back into the c25k. And I'm giving up. Well, not trying to run, but trying to run the way I learned last time. I don't know why it's not working for me anymore but I can't keep kidding myself on that I'll do it tomorrow.

So I decided to try MyAsics and the first run went well :-) I've set it on the gentlest training setting and so by the end of October I might be running 5 k!

I set off on Monday to do my first 1k towards my 5k goal, expecting to have to stop due to the heat, my asthma, my laziness etc but didn't and I actually loved it! It was at a very gentle pace of 09:40pkm and I loved it! I felt so energised and I know it sounds corny, but pure and peaceful, like I'd done what I used to do and ran my troubles away.

I'm really excited for this plan, though I'll be taking better care to listen to my body instead of the plan if it's telling me to ease off this time.

Wish me luck and happy, peaceful running to all!

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  • Good luck. Looks like one thing you got out of c25k was a fair bit of persistence. (The programme helps, but it takes perseverence to make it through sometimes). Most of all, you got yourself that peacefulness, so you're always going to want some of that just for its own sake. Nice thing to be hooked on, isn't it?

  • It really is a lovely feeling and not one of expected at all, elation and gremlins yes, but nobody told me about the peacefulness!

  • It's an upbeat kind of peacefulness, though. But yes, this is the first I've heard of this peacefulness. And yet it rings true. I think some of the things the rest of us have described (generally just to our own selves) as elation would much more accurately be called peacefulness (maybe the kind that smiles quite broadly - do you ever find yourself grinning as you run?) Certainly peacefulness is much more sustainable than elation, so you have yourself a really good intrinsic motivator to go for your runs going there.

  • What is the best training plan??? - the one that you keep on doing!!!! Find what you enjoy doing - and keep on doing it!! BUT -- before you can do any plan, you have to put on your shoes and get out the front door!!! This is the hardest part of running!!!!!!

  • Too bloomin' right! And no matter what plan I try, I'm not going to give up running. It offers so much more than getting fit, it's a peace of mind and time to reflect that really helps balance life's ups and downs.

    And you're right about the getting out the door- I downloaded some running posters to spur me on off the couch!

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