Where has it gone? Help!!!

Not sure what has happened lately but I seem to have lost my motivation.

I enjoyed the program and went straight through to graduation in 9 weeks and by that point had already done four 5ks, however since graduating (over 2 weeks ago) I have been out twice for 20 minutes and then once for 40 minutes (3.8 miles), even my swimming and gym classes have become almost non-existent. I am aiming for 2 miles tonight or tomorrow depending on work and then aim to try 5k again on Sunday.

I am joining a local beginners running club in January and going to start Bridge to 10k then too plus a diet over hall but until then I need to still run so I don't undo all the hard work.

Is it just me or has anyone else found this after graduating?

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  • Have you tried the 5K+ podcasts ?


    You can do them in any order, or mix and match

  • I haven't. I was leaving any new programs until after Christmas in case I struggled to fit things in as I get disheartened easily if I plan something and can't stick to it. I'm strange like that haha. I will have a look into them. Anything that helps. Thank you.

  • You've run 3 times in 2 weeks? And you've planned a run for tonight and another for Sunday? That doesn't sound like lost motivation...sounds fine to me, we all need a rest period from time to time, this is yours. You'll get back to running more frequently when it's right for you, you've already got your plans in place. Happy running!

  • Thank you, I was planning for 3 times a week so I feel like I'm not doing enough with doing less. It's dark nights after work that seem to put me off.

  • Lots of people here prefer twice a week, Our own PoppyPugs trained for a HM running twice a week.

  • Thank you, this has made me feel a lot better about it.

  • And look out for this new quest starting on 9th January


  • Thank you. I will take a look.

  • I think it's fairly common to have a drop of motivation once the structure of the pre-planned runs with Laura comes to an end. Suddenly there's not the push anymore, and we need to pull ourselves out of the door, so to speak.

    You'll get through it though, and I'm sure you'll rejoice in making your own plans and going out as many times as you plan. As Curly said, you're still running and should feel good about that.

  • It can take several months to establish new habits so don't be too hard on yourself. Obviously lifestyle and the short days might be getting in the way but the key I think is to make a plan and unless circumstances change, stick to it.

    There are all kinds of mechanisms you can use to help: tell family and friends of your intentions, lay out running gear or pack a sports bag in advance, rewards/punishments etc.

    As an example, I'm planning to run at lunchtime today unless the rain comes hammering down (drizzle won't count). Running gear already laid out, Garmin/HRM charged up and the missus knows I'm going. If I find an excuse not to run then no mince pie with my afternoon cuppa. I want that mince pie!

  • Motivation can be a problem. I am semi-retired 60 year old working part time but do have more time on my hands compered to someone like yourself. You have work and possibly family and more general life pressures. It's partly discovering your initial motivation but also, like me, you gave a clue when you also said that you need to ensure that all your hard work isn't undone.

    My motivation was partly health wake up call overweight , high blood pressure, possibly heading towards being diabetic. I like cycling but on it's own was perhaps becoming less interesting and wasn't enough to help me lose enough weight and re resolve potentially serious health issues. Personally I would like to join an 'old gits' football team or something involving a team. But I cannot commit regular time. Running gives me the flexibility.

    Like you I feel I 'need' to run for my fitness but also like a challenge and make it interesting. The C25K forum has helped also discovering some of the science to it. I am naturally curious. I wanted to know how long an old git like myself could continue improving my running ? Apparently at whatever age you start then generally you have 7 YEARS of improvement . So I only have to worry about NOT PEAKING TOO SOON !

    So I am putting this scientific theory to the test ! I now regularly run 6 1/2 K in about 43 minutes. I am gradually increasing my time and vary routes including hill. I run 4K to work on one of my days to fit 3rd run in. I am going to try out speed and stamina podcasts and do a park run next week (cant do regularly because of working Saturdays).

    I have a need to run but am still happy with it and enjoy the challenge. I can listen to music at the same time. Plan to download some radio programmes or even audio books ?

    Will experiment. I am a social person and like to interact but circumstances won't let me but can't have everything. sometimes when running I have chance to daydream or think about stuff. Also the running has made me mentally sharper and will help me to continue studies.

    Anyway in general shouldn't have to have health wake up calls to motivate. Particularly some level of exercise and sport for the younger generation should be a good habit that Society should be working towards. I wish I had continued the sports that I left behind a t school but anyway at least we are all making a start now.

    I still finish my run with a smile on my face. The main thing is to be happy and do whatever works for you.

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