Where has the real Ali gone?????

I am beginning to think the real me has been abducted by Aliens! This time last year I was talking about losing weight, getting of the couch etc but this year I'm DOING it. 15lbs down (slow and steady so I can have lots of treats) and exercising at least twice a week.

After reading lots of inspiring blogs about the races some of you have entered and or done, I've gone and registered for a 10k in October. Yikes, I think I must be mad!

I've told the guys at work I'm doing this & now I've told you so I best just get on with the training!!! Will keep you posted with how it goes.

Just a little scared at the thought....but that's good right?

PS - Will be a volunteer at my local park run on the 28th...can't wait!


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11 Replies

  • Well I think you've found the real Ali; she was just longing to get out out!

    10k in October; wow! No letting up now then ;)

  • :) I keep having to repeat the mantra...I can do it , I can do it! What will I be like in October if nervous at the thought now lol

  • You sure can! What's to be nervous about?

    Love it that you love it :-D

  • I can and I will. It's just my lack of confidence BUT I'll be fine!

  • I think the real Ali has fought and bounced her way out - I was a bundle of nerves before my first race on Sunday but I enjoyed it all once I got started. You'll be fine.

    Oh, I just signed up for another one.......

  • Wow, we'll done you that is a long way, I find 5k a long way, but it will keep you focused. Embrace the new you and give yourself a pat on the back. This is the only Ali we know, Ali the runner happy training.

  • I find 5k a long way too!

  • Hells bells Ali - You've gone from not running at all to doing 5ks all over the place. OF COURSE you will be able to do 10k by October even if I have to carry you over the finish line myself! As for being abducted by aliens, a while back when I told a friend in another country about my running her exact words were 'Who are you and what have you done to my friend?'. Just goes to show the difference this has made to us all! Such a fantastic programme. Enjoy your parkrun. I am hoping to get to one before the Summer(!?) is out but so far life keeps getting in the way. Keep on running! :-)

  • I might hold you to that lift lol

  • You can do it! :D

  • Remember how far 5k felt when you started this program and look how far you have come, if you can do that then 10k doesn't seem so scary. Also if these new pod casts (ever) come out you can train with them to get you to 10k :)

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