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As I seem to be getting quite serious about this running malarkey - I thought I would ask santa for one of these watches that measure your heart beat, tell you where your going, play music and make you a cup of tea when your finished !!!

Any advice would be gratefully received - I hate for santa to go to all that trouble, and then I never use the bloody thing !!


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  • Depends what you want. I use FitBit Blaze, not too dear and does the heartrate, exercise tracking, counts the floors, counts your steps etc. Doesn't make the tea but integrates wonderfully with MyFitnessPal which has been my salvation in losing weight. Doesn't get into the emails etc but frankly I didn't want that. Heart rate measurements not as good as a chest band, but good enough for what I want and I'd never have bothered with chest bands every time I went running or the gym. I wear my FitBit 24/7 and LOVE it. Only downside for me was that it isn't waterproof so you take it off when you go swimming and enter the swimming yourself afterwards. Don't do that much swimming so can put up with it. All-singing, all-dancing ... the Apple watch ... not for me as I'm an iPad addict but not an Apple freak.

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  • How expensive and fancy do you want? My Fitbit Charge HR tells me heart rate, steps, sleep time, floors climbed and estimated distance. The newer version, the Charge 2, does a bit more. If I want a more accurate distance, I use an app on my phone. I like the Fitbit: it tells me enough but isn't too complicated.

  • Couldn't agree more - with the stuff I think most of us on this forum want the FitBit's a good choice - choose the model to suit what you need. I'm a " a phone's a phone, a PC's a PC, a tablet's a tablet" sort of person ... well not quite, but over in that end of the woods. I literally wear my FitBit Blaze 24/7 and if it ever breaks I'll be out buying a replacement.

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  • I love my Fitbit blaze too. I have an original strap for running and change it for a fancy rose gold metal one for work. I'm hoping santas bringing me the leather strap for Christmas 😍

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  • I've used my entry level Garmin Forerunner for a couple years now. Doesn't do the heart rate and I'm now looking to upgrade but I've been very pleased with the watch and the online tracking.

  • I'm with you! My Garmin went a bit weird a couple of weeks ago, wouldn't upload, so I started researching new's OK again now after the software update, I was almost disappointed. I'd love a new one with cadence, and maybe heart rate.

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  • I have a garmin forerunner 35 which does my heart beat too. It's easy to use and has a big display so I can wear it as a normal watch and read the time without my glasses. Haven't found out how it makes me a cup,of tea yet ...

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  • Two things. choose a runnimg watch or a fitness device. I think if you want a watch purely for running it helps narrow down the choice, as does the amount of dosh available ☺

    I have the garmin f10. cheap and cheerful. I have a heart rate band and watch but never run it it. can-t be bothered😊

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  • I have an aldi GPS watch (bought second hand to replace a Garmin which wasn't reliable), it tracks runs, can use the data online and on your PC to show maps of where you have run etc, uploads to Strava, has a heart rate chest monitor which I have never used. Bought a spare from eBay for £8 - and it doesn't seem to have been used much!

    As for day to day, steps, etc, I use a cheap Xiaomi Mi 2 band, measures steps, heart rate) can do this constantly if needed), and does my job for little outlay!

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  • I have a Garmin forerunner 35. For me, tracking my runs was more important than step counting - I do a lot of my running off road and wanted to be able to see my routes on the map, especially where footpaths don't really match what's on the ground. I also like to be able to see what my pace is - not because I'm hugely worried about speed but because it is interesting to see how it compares over different types of ground etc - and gradient. It measures heart rate too but I doubt its accuracy because of my skinny wrists. However, it does give a good idea of whether it increases dramatically, stays the same etc. I was getting the route tracking from using Strava on my phone but the GPS did tend to opt out just when I most would have liked to know where I'd been!

    It's supposed to measure floors climbed which I'd be vaguely interested to see but it doesn't seem to actually work - HilaryC , does yours? Steps per day I do look at from time to time, calories used per day could be useful but just generally trying to eat healthily at the moment, and the sleep tracking I don't use and in fact often switch the watch off when I'm in bed to save on charging

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  • I have got a Tom Tom watch, you can program it so you can pace yourself over selected route. I use it for running, then plug into computer to get stats and routes downloaded. Also used it for biking and skiing. You've got speed, heart rate, pace , distance etc . Also bought misfit ray which monitors daily movement, you can set goals and you can also swim with it , which alot you cant. Quite fun as husband also got one and they compete for most activity

  • I have a Garmin vivo smart HR+ It tracks your runs, you can upload them to Strava if you like, plus you don't need a chest band thingy, the HR monitor works on your wrist alone. I am really pleased with mine. It does everything I want it to do, but I can't seem to get it to make me a cuppa when I get home. Maybe I should take it back and complain! 😉😂🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻Happy running to you!

  • Another Fitbit Blaze user here :-)

    I have it on it 24/7. It tracks everything and syncs with myfitnesspal and Strava. It is a semi-smart watch as it will show your notifications, messages, etc.

    I love being able to change the straps - don't by the official straps from Fitbit as they are super expensive, there are hundreds of aftermarket straps on Ebay. I've got black leather, brown leather, Stainless steal, Gold plated, Purple, Black, Green & White (think I have a problem!)

    There are better "dedicated" running watches, but as an all-rounder its very good.

    I suppose the biggest downfall is that you will need to have your phone with you to track your runs using GPS.

    5 day battery life makes up for the lack of built-in GPS!

  • Garmin with hrm & chest band works well. The hrm is good for keeping you in your training zone with warnings, so making sure your exerting yourself enough or not overdoing it. But haven't bothered using hrm for sometime and just check time, distance & pace on the watch, great piece of kit..

  • The new-ish TomTom's (GPS and heart rate) can also play music via Bluetooth. Worth considering if you want to listen to stuff while you're running.

  • Hi, this is the one I have been looking at - but will wait for the January sales !!

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