Happy, Happy, Runner, Me!!

Visited my GP this morning - he suggested (drum roll, please!) that we do a trial of no blood pressure meds!! Woo hooo!!

I also discussed my back injury with him, and he said I was "lucky" because it was my middle back and not upper or lower - so it'll heal more quickly.... but did tell me that I needed to stick to "brisk walking for two weeks, which shouldn't do much damage to" my progress.

But really. Read that first paragraph again. Since I saw him in July, I've lost 1 1/2 stone, 4 inches from my waist, quit smoking, started running... I feel like I've been handed an award! lol


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  • Congratulations to you! You must be feeling so good right now! And rightly so! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  • Yay! Good for you!!!! The less medication the better, and as you get healthier and fitter, you should hopefully be free of it completely.

    Your hard work has paid off. Once you get into the idea of eating healthily it becomes second nature, and the more you keep running, the less you crave unhealthy food. Well, that's the plan. As runners, and being more active in general, we can manage the occasional treat. "We can always run it off!

  • (I soooo cannot "run off" what I'd really like to eat on some days - my stamina just isn't there for a marathon yet!! lol)

  • Thanks, Flossie :-) I do - I really do.

  • You'll sort your eats out as you find out what suits you, running wise. You don't start needing any extra til you start going beyond 10k.

    I have eaten my last home made peanut choc bar this evening (post run) so going to have to make some more. I love making them. They are so expensive to buy! Might do the WW ones this time. I have a new runners cook book so it might be out of that one (as the peanut ones were)

  • Think your recipes should be pinned posts wobble! I for one would have fun making and eating them! πŸ˜€

  • For a couple weeks there my appetite was just through the roof!! Glad to say it's calmed down now - but jeepers it was wicked!

  • Wow. What a journey. What will the next six months bring?

  • 5k!! 10k!!! next year - 1/2 marathon!!! I'm shocked to discover, however, that I have a very competitive side. Who knew?

  • Wow! That's brilliant!

  • Thank you!! I just feel like - well, if I can do it, pretty much AnYBoDy can.

  • Great news! Congratulations 🍾

  • Thanks, Iben (Pippy?) :-)

  • Pippi Longstocking was my childhood hero :-) Still want to be like her sometimes.

  • I can hardly blame you: she was confident, funny, and afraid of nothing!

  • That is marvelous! Very happy for you :)

  • Cheers, John! It helps to have an entire (online) community cheering you on! x

  • Bloomin' marvellous!!!

  • Why thank you! I'm feeling like AnYtHiNg is possible!!

  • That's absolutely fantastic!

  • Thanks!! I'm pretty chuffed!

  • You have been handed an award..the one for personal determination and achievement!

    Wow.. well done you, getting yourself on track and getting off those meds'.

    Stick to the advice, and get those walks in... I am still walking, as well as putting my runs in to, after being on the IC... lovely at this time of the year!


    Maybe time for new outfit for Christmas as a treat... (in a smaller size) :)

  • That's amazing! Great job!

  • Thanks, Faq - I do feel as though I've accomplished something big!

  • I keep hovering over the 'like' button, waiting for a heart to come up! Well done you! I've never been on bp tablets but I have lost loads of weight and I feel your joy about it all. You've shown what you can achieve with the right motivation (which, really, is just [lol] wanting it enough - to put up with the discomfort of change). Keep it up!

  • Thanks!! It really is all about making that decision. Historically - and occasionally currently, I'm horrible at decisions! But once made, just try changing my mind!! lol

  • Well done! Keep it up! I'm also hoping to come off bp med next time I have my checkup, but probibly not the statins as the high cholesterol is hereditary through from my dad..😊

  • I bet your cholesterol improves - the good cholesterol is going to skyrocket with all your hard work! They apparently are regarding BP in a whole new way these days - with less emphasis on the actual numbers, and more emphasis on the differential between the two numbers... maybe that change will help your cause! (and Thank you!!!)

  • Well done. You are making great progress.

  • Thanks, Lon - it helps having a cheering squad!

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