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Fitness Trackers!!


I've done a search on the Couch to 5k forum here, but all posts about trackers are at least a year old if not older... Things change so quickly in the technology world...

So I'm in the market for a new fitness tracker - do you use one? what kind do you have? what does it do? what do you love about it?

(Sorry if this is a duplicate post - I could have sworn i put it up yesterday but can't find it)

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Well I use MOOV NOW...It's different....been a month and takes some getting used to...not sure I love it as much as I expected to when I researched it....but the concept of a real time coach is very cool...also worn on keg so super accurate as far as cadence is concerned. Was pleasantly surprised to see that my natural cadence is between 160-170. Also measures impact factor that's pretty helpful

RuNanananaGraduate in reply to Tryinghard2016

I keep eyeing the Moov Now... holy moses 160-170?? that's pretty amazing.

Tryinghard2016Graduate in reply to RuNananana

Ha ha thank seems I'm an efficient runner though very very sloe

RuNanananaGraduate in reply to Tryinghard2016

I like how you spelled "sloe" not so much as in the speed as much as in the gin.... Lol

Tryinghard2016Graduate in reply to RuNananana

Oops typo...replied in a hurry....I do everything very very fast (though not correctly!) Ecco running which is 'sloe' 😁😁😁

DavodaGraduate in reply to Tryinghard2016

I like the sound of it being worn on your leg rather than your wrist - I was thinking I would prefer that.

Tryinghard2016Graduate in reply to Davoda

It's very unobtrusive. I was afraid it may fall off...but it keeps pinging when u hit targets so u know it's on.....


I'll tell you just as soon as I find it! I got a fitbit and it's fine, but I have to say I got tired of wearing it all the time.

RuNanananaGraduate in reply to Hidden

Yep I can definitely see that potential...

I like my Fitbit HR. It's two years old and going strong. I particularly like seeing my resting heart rate dropping as the running weeks add up. The customer service us very good too, in my experience.

RuNanananaGraduate in reply to Lauracorin

My Fitbit HR just stopped working, so now I have a 25% off code I can use to get a new one - I'm thinking Charge 2.... I kwym about the resting heartrate thing - mine went from 75bpm to, at the end of the program, 51bpm (avg). CrAzY!


I have a Garmin thingy, it counts my steps, vibrates when I haven't moved for a while (hysterical, as a simple arm wave stops that ;) ) and can download my runs or rows to Strava. Great bit of kit, though it doesn't appear to count the number of times I go up and down my stairs, I start on 0 in the morning and by the end of the day it still says 0, despite the fact that I have attacked them like a loony all day long! :)


I have a Garmin thingy too - great for running, counting steps etc. I've turned off the movement alert vibration because unlike Flossie22 I have to do a ridiculous number of steps to reset it. It doesn't count my stairs either. I used to have a fitbit (Flex?) and found it really difficult to put on - the silly little prongs on the wrist band wouldn't go through the holes and then the casing sort of stretched and the tracker bit dropped out somewhere. It only did basic stuff - didn't track runs, walks etc. and I like to be able to see the details of my runs adterwards.


I was using a Garmin VivoFit for basic activity tracking and a separate Polar Heart Rate monitor for runs and other stuff.

Both were great but I've upgraded to a Garmin watch which does both things in 1 unit (plus I'm a bit of a gadget freak)


I have a fitbit surge - but I wear it as a watch too. I love the inbuilt GPS so I don't have to have it constantly connected to my phone like the later model. Battery life could be better as gps drains it fast but had it 8 months and still happy with it.

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