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Have you seen a comparison between wearable fitness trackers?


I'm slightly tempted by these wearable fitness trackers, that track all your exercise and sleep and everything. But there's so many of them and the reviews are all so similar I'm not really any the wiser. I was wondering if anyone has seen a comparison of them, maybe done by a fitness magazine or similar that rather than provides an opinion on one, it more pits them against each other. I thought this might be more helpful than reading multitudes of reviews on amazon and everything merging into one!

Thanks :)

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I am so thick! I thought fitness trackers were pants that you wore. I was imagining wearing them in bed

I'll get me coat ...

TheMagicalPixieGraduate in reply to misswobble

Awh bless! To be fair, I don't know if I called it the right thing, this is what I meant: amazon.co.uk/Fitbit-Wireles...

Trackies might be what you wear in bed though, so not far off! :)

misswobbleGraduate in reply to TheMagicalPixie

My mate has a fitbit and she says she was staggered at the loss of calories experienced overnight. Makes you understand the importance of breakfast

That's what sparked the curiosity! I quite like the idea of sleep monitoring (I don't sleep well) and being woken up at a sensible time in my sleep cycle. And I'm geeky about logging all of my exercise.


Following - I'd love to know about any that actually work in a swimming pool!

TheMagicalPixieGraduate in reply to roseabi

I believe there are some (this is not available yet but does: jawbone.com/store/buy/up3) but that's something I'd be really interested in too. I'd love to see a table that compares functions, price and reviews etc of a selection of them to help me narrow down what I want to look at.

RealfoodieclubGraduate in reply to roseabi

I have the misfit shine and I love it. It's linked to my myfitnesspal. I have also checked the calories with my garmin and heart rate monitor and it's pretty accurate. It does sleep, cycle and swim. So it was great for my Tri training. You just have to tell it before you do the exercise and it logs it.


The new Jawbone Up has been getting really good reviews jawbone.com/up/trackers


I have the jawbone up & I love it. It is such a great motivational tool. I walk further, have used it on all of my C25K runs completed W7R1 yesterday. I love the sleep tracking tool too. The smart alarm is fab too. Cannot be worn in the pool but I just add the pool workouts manually. Highly recommend. I use it in conjunction with my fitness pal app too - but can be used on its own.


I have had a Fitbit one since last Christmas and it's that that got me started on C25K. It has worked seamlessly for nearly a year now despite having been washed twice (accidentally !). The only criticism I have is that the sleep band for attaching the Fitbit to my wrist while asleep lost its 'stickiness' after a month or so so I just clipped it onto my nightwear instead.


I've got a Fitbit One which I've had and worn for about 6 months. Mainly just to make sure I do 10,000 steps per day. I stopped using the sleep tracker after the first couple of weeks as it didn't really tell me anything I didn't know. My new Garmin Forerunner 15 Watch also has a Fitness Tracker but I haven't switched on the "Activity Tracker" since I always wear the Fitbit. I don't bother logging any extra activities on the websites. It is helpful if you can persuade a friend to have one as well, then you can get a little competition going. The Fitbit syncs with Bluetooth which is preferable to having to physically plug something in.


This website dcrainmaker.com/ --seems to be the "go to" website for running gadget reviews

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